Red maple foliage is a beautiful sight to behold during autumn. This foliage brings a breath of light to the upcoming winter season and tends to give many people something to look forward to in breathtaking images. It ought to be known that red foliage is not always red. The name is slightly deceiving because red maple foliage often turns orange and yellow during the fall season. The red maples are trees that tend to proliferate. They can grow as high as 90 feet in height. Some have even been known to reach as high as 120 feet. The red color is active within the leaves. This is fostered by cold and by the bright light. It is the cool and crisp nights during the fall season that will work with the sunshine to create the majestic red colors in the foliage during the day. A variety of other types of trees produce red foliage in the autumn season other than the maple. There is a broad range of red maple stretches that will show off their glorious colors. They can be seen from the east coast of the Mississippi River, and they stretch through Newfoundland to Florida. In northern areas, this will be growing best in wet wooded areas. In the South, it will grow best in dry upland areas. The bright sun and partial shade keep the red maples flourishing.

Facts: Red Maple Tree

 Red maple is also known as an acer rubrum. The leaves are triangular and are around three to six inches wide. Often there are three to five lobes on a leaf. The younger trees have light, smooth, and grey bark on them and may become darker while forming ridges and crags as they mature with age. A young red maple tree may not turn red in the fall season. This is because this type of tree needs six hours of sunshine every day for it to change to a vibrant red. If a red maple tree is overfertilized and the soil is in poor condition, the red color may not come through in the fall season. The red maple tree got its name from the following:

 * its red flowers

 * red fruit

 * red twigs

 * beautiful red fall foliage 

Beautiful Fall Foliage

 Five Amazing Foliage Viewing Spots

 The United States has some beautiful red maple foliage to behold in the autumn season. The breathtaking beauty is glorious to experience, and the beauty appears to be never-ending. The following are known for having the best foliage offerings:

 1. the Catskill Mountains in New York; The Catskill Mountains provide a spectacular fall landscape fill with splendor. Many people enjoy hiking through scenic areas to take in the colors before the winter season arrives

 2. Stowe, Vermont; This has been called “Fall’s Color Capital” because the red, yellow, brown, and orange colors travel through this area from September until the middle of October. Biking and hiking through this area is an outstanding way to view the lovely scenery and get some exercise before a winter slumber

 5. Door County, Wisconsin; this area is bursting with color in the fall. The colors even affect the mood in the autumn season because the vibrant colors bring out much romance. Door County is filled with areas to hike through, and it is common to get cozy in the evenings after spending the day viewing the splendor. The Lake Michigan shores are filled with vibrancy in the autumn season

 3. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon; between Washington and Oregon, Columbia River Gorge will provide breathtaking waterfalls and an array of stunning foliage. A camera is recommended because those who travel through this area during October and November will want to capture the autumn season’s colorful images. 

 4. Florida offers foliage; North Florida has some moderate fall changes, and sometimes the views are more drastic. If you want to enjoy bright red leaves and foliage, don’t count out Florida because it offers fall beauty following those warm summer beaches

 5. Taos, NM; in the Later part of September until the early part of October, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Northern Mexico will be boasting colorful fall foliage.