The  VoIP  (or Voice over IP) is a  tool that has spread much in the business sector . However, not everyone knows it in depth. Or, in any case, he believes he has information that has little or nothing to do with reality. That is why we want to clarify the doubts that may exist and correct the false myths that have been formed around this system.

Facilities for the company

Is not a telephone line enough? Indeed, its function is similar. But here we must observe the effect that both cause in the pocket. In the case of the voice over protocol system,  one can save up to 50% of the telephone bill .

A myth or a very common question that is made by those who think about this system is in the possibilities that it has in the face of the mails. And, at first, it may seem that neither improves nor transforms them. But this is also false, in fact, you can send voice messages to the mail in a much  simpler and faster way than usual.

Business communication is often delayed. It is necessary to go through receptionists, departments and others. It is thought that with this system, the thing really does not change. The difference is that each of the members has assigned an own number, which helps it to be  easily locatable, as long as that number is known.

The quality has been very questioned within this system. Again, it is a myth of those who have not tried it. Why is it caused?  It will depend on the signal you have from the Internet . And many companies, it is said, do not have a very good network. Therefore, they associate, and believe that the system will be just as bad as their general Internet use.

Finally, another of the most widespread is that it is not a safe or reliable alternative. Here we must qualify. It depends, obviously, on the connection quality. And, in turn, you can have an internal security network. This, obviously, does not make it infallible. In the same way that neither is a conversation on mobile or any other activity that takes place on the Internet. In fact, it does not stand out precisely because it is too attacked or easy to circumvent. In general terms: it is not an insecure technology.

It adapts to the needs of the company

A widespread myth says that, in reality, this does not work at all on a day-to-day basis, and that it does not improve the functioning or development of work teams. Something completely false. This system allows workers from anywhere in the world to be interconnected through an internal network . What facilitates communication between them. Not only this, but it also helps interconnectivity through networks with other brands, which may be associated with business activity.

Precisely this also knocks down another of the myths we have seen most: the one that can act only in a relatively small space. The truth is that it can be expanded easily and have a great reach.

In conclusion,  wholsale sip trunk is a great opportunity for any business. we have been working with this system for more than ten years and bringing it closer to different businesses that are interested in significantly improving their communication. After analyzing the false myths about this method, the validity it has is proven . As well as the advantages it can bring.