What if you could buy happiness? Most companies will tell you that you can.

But do you really feel happier when you overeat, overdrink, overspend, overwork, over-people-please, over-Facebook?

Do you really want to throw together a bunch of false pleasures and call that happiness?

Or is it possible to remove false pleasure and find a way to be happy without it?

Most likely, if you’ve tried to eliminate false pleasure in the past you’ve gone through withdraws, felt deprived, and we’re left with emotions you didn’t want to deal with.

So it’s easier to just buffer through life right? Maybe in the short term, but buffering causes pain.

Moreover, it only provides temporary relief from negative emotion, which always comes back stronger.

So what can you do instead of indulging in false pleasure or buffering your way through life to be happy?

In today’s article I’m sharing the one secret to living a happy life without false pleasure or buffering that may surprise you. Move over false pleasure and buffering, there’s a new sheriff in town!

Her Name is Awareness

Becoming aware is the only way to end false pleasure and buffering so you can live an amazing life.

Consider this, you are constantly being bombarded by the media with ways to feel pleasure.

You should go eat something.

You should go drink something.

You should go buy something.

You should binge watch TV.

Make no mistake, companies are making a lot of money selling you the false pleasure of food, drinking, and spending your money on things you really don’t need.

When you indulge in food, drinking or spending money you get a dopamine hit and that feels good.

And just like you can get addicted to drugs, you can get addicted to false pleasure because the more you eat, the more you need to eat to get more dopamine hits.

The more you drink, the more you need to drink. The more you spend money, the more you need to spend money. The more you watch porn, the more you need to watch porn.

It’s like a snowball rolling downhill that’s just gets bigger and bigger as it picks up more and more speed.

Eventually the snowball gets so big and is going so fast it finally crashes into something at the bottom of the hill because it cannot keep up the momentum it’s accumulated over time.

So what happens when you take away those false pleasure and buffers?

What’s left in your life?

Do you like what you see?

Maybe your in a bad relationship and you’ve been avoiding confrontation by drinking every night.

Or maybe you’re in a job you hate with an ass hat for a boss so you overeat after dinner to take your mind off the fact that you’re not happy at work.

Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that your life could be better if you didn’t have all those false pleasures or buffers?

Would your life be better if you just felt the unhappiness in the moment rather than avoiding it, or trying to make a shitty situation better by buffering?

Life is a hard battle.

Using things as a way to feel better only provides temporary relief from negative emotions.

Feeling those negative emotions is unavoidable. However when you do finally feel them they will be stronger and come back harder than when they first started.

There is always a negative on the other side of the pleasure you experience. For example, when you overeat you gain weight, and you feel sick afterward.

The key to living a truly happy life is becoming aware of your emotions on the front end.

If you are in a relationship that doesn’t feel good, deal with the emotion of not feeling good rather than pushing it away by drinking.

Similarly, if you are in a job you hate, deal with the emotion of being in a job you hate rather than overeating when you get home from work to make yourself feel better.

When you do this, you allow yourself to feel any emotion when it comes up instead of trying to push it away or numb yourself so as not to feel the pain.

You learn what truly makes you happy and you get to know yourself in a much deeper way.

You start finding the cause of your unhappiness and as a result you can start to change them to things that make you happy or people that you are happy to be around.

Happiness Coach

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