Familial trauma both influences ancestral miasms and creates new miasms in regards to emotional, psychological and spiritual patterning. This week thus far has been laden with stories of childhood trauma woven into realities that are real for those experiencing them, those bearing witness to them, and those who have yet to come into this transgenerational patterning. The one theme I am hearing from clients is how their stories differ from a sibling or a parent. Their perception of the trauma is unrealized by those closest to them in the ways they have come to integrate it. And for various reasons, not having that validation has taken so much power and energy from the wounded and from their story. In working closely with ancestral spirits as part of their psyche is still attached to some of these miasms, those spirits also hold that same story and integrate it in the ways in which they can. Those ways for both humans and ancestors embrace both strengths and limitations, wounds and blessings. Not having one’s story validated can foster such cognitive dissonance when one is open to seeing or hearing the story in a new light, or even sensing it in a new way. I have even witnessed this with spirits who are ‘stuck’. Trauma is both an individualized and collective experience. The reactions we experience to trauma are not always our own. They have been programmed into our DNA through similar traumatic events held by our ancestors. But how we hold and carry those stories is up to us. How we validate those stories is also up to us. Familial members will integrate abusive patterns in a manner in which they can embody their responses emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Even if that means utilizing denial as a coping mechanism. The thread of trauma is a confirmation that our ancestors are still alive and living through us as is the inherent strength to come to terms with that trauma and evolve the pattern into a miasm that will transform the ways in which our ancestors heal, both past and future. Don’t wait for your own personal story to be validated. The story itself is an energy which is felt by all those family members who embraced trauma. The words might be different. The way it is told might be different. The way it is heard might be different. But the energy remains the same.