Yes, you must have heard it a million times, THAT CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!

How often do we ignore this statement? Is it until we face difficult situations that we go back to our kin? Today I want to emphasize a few critical family aspects.

Having a family is one of the greatest gifts from God. Everyone hails from someone. And the fact that someone carried you in her tummy and bore you makes it an even profound gift.

When growing up, we are taught how to work hard, get a good education, get a nice job and excel in life. One thing we are constantly reminded of is never to forget where we came from. The essence of the reminder is to keep us in check and appreciate the beauty of life.

It’s very normal that when one becomes successful they definitely want to move to a better house in a better neighborhood. It’s expected. Over time one begins to resent visiting his or her previous neighborhood due to the current economic status. Your parent may still be living in that neighborhood. But you hate visiting the place. And so, you come up with excuses of being busy and such kind of silly excuses.

But why?

It’s now clear that if you want someone to live to your standards, facilitate the change. If your parents are living in a sub-standard house and you are living in a mansion, then you have to be ashamed. Your parent or guardian catered for you under sub-standard conditions. Amidst financial constraints, they helped you grow.

If ever you are in a position to better someone’s life, do it.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not guaranteed that you as a guardian should be rewarded for your efforts of raising a kid. It’s a free world. Regardless, it makes perfect sense to give credit where it is due. More so, it is wise and highly recommended to appreciate the efforts parents and guardians put in place to ensure our well-being.

Family is a valid investment 

A family photo
A family photo

Picture this, if you get stripped of all your material possessions today, what will you remain with? Whom will you go to for help? Consider family as an investment. You need to channel your time, energy and resources in a family to achieve short and long-term benefits. A happy family makes a home habitable. A war-torn or divided family makes a home a war zone.

Make the right decision today. Have time for your family. Cater for your family’ needs where possible. Charity begins right at home.