Farhan Majid is a dynamic force for good in the world. His curiosity and adaptability fuel his innovative ideas, and his wisdom ignites his heart into action. Farhan studied business management at James Madison University, which is facilitating him to help the greater good. Environmental efforts are a big part of what makes Farhan a uniquely notable voice in the tech world that he is deeply into. He has always had an interest in anything and everything technology-related and was also consistently the go-to person if something wasn’t working (tv, phone, laptop, etc).

He is also an actor living in Los Angeles and a passionate traveler. His wildest journey in Peru traveling with friends through mountains with single lanes and no guard rails and dirt paths with rundown huts and graffiti everywhere wasn’t his usual planned itinerary type of trip, but it was a great adventure. Since he moved to LA in 2017, he has launched three businesses, worked as a project manager for multiple mobile applications, worked for three software services companies as a consultant and enterprise customer success manager, learned to trade the foreign exchange market, and made many new lifelong friends. 

He saw so much waste that was overflowing onto the nearby intersections and streets when he visited a local recycling center in Los Angeles. After seeing this encounter firsthand, he researched the sustainability industry in-depth and the overall lifecycle of single-use packaging with its harmful effects. With his background in technology, Farhan realized an opportunity in which he was able to combine the two industries and develop a convenient, one-stop solution to remedy the problem of increasing tons of plastic and styrofoam ending up in landfills. He founded Greens Enterprises based on the principles of reducing waste and leveraging alternatives for single-use plastics. 

Farhan’s semester abroad in Belgium in his junior year of university taught him not only how to live on his own, but also opened his mind to different views, cultures, etc. Being the child of immigrants also gave Farhan the unique perspective of what it takes to be adaptable and successful in a worldly way. Not only is Farhan an exemplary citizen, but he is even a leader who can give business and technology the balance necessary to live in harmony with our environment. Farhan views challenges as incredible opportunities. 

Farhan’s biggest challenge has been keeping himself to a strict schedule and focusing on running one business or piece of work at a time. Time is very limited and he finds himself feeling like he should be focusing on something more productive or other tasks that may need his attention. Honing the focus necessary to manifest his dreams is an art and a science, and has been rewarding in and of itself.  Farhan divulges about working for a very early stage startup; “Failures are honestly where I have learned the most because they taught me how not to do something.” Through this experience, he learned how to clarify and refine his role and intentions. 
Farhan is going to keep doing next-level work that benefits society. He wants to better the environment because he knows we are running out of livable space on Earth and time if we continue to do things the way they are now. It is his purpose and he is very aligned with it. We are all on his team because he is certainly on ours. Follow him on Instagram to stay tuned to the moves he is making and get connected on Facebook to befriend the action-oriented man.