Farnaz Keshavarz

In recent years, with the rise of the Coronavirus, we have seen the closure of schools around the world. Due to the closure of schools, education has been provided virtually and in absentia. This has caused many educational problems for the students of the less developed countries, which did not already have a suitable platform for the continuation of the process and flow of education through virtual education. Especially for students who are new to the alphabet – the most basic part of learning a language – and their use.

Some of them were deprived of attending school halfway through their education and advanced to the next level of education with insufficient knowledge, while others were deprived of the specialized and appropriate education provided by the teacher in the school environment from the very beginning.

Parents of children, especially mothers who spend a lot of time with their child around the clock, increase their knowledge to improve their child’s learning in a way that can be useful and effective for their child as a teacher.

Due to the fact that parents do not know the academic principles of education, there is a need for the therapist to address children’s learning disorders in a way that is well understood and practiced by them.

It is good to know that children see and experience a different world than adults.  In this childish world, the story has a prominent place and together with the beautiful childish imagination, it creates a lasting reality in the childish and unique mind.

Therefore, it is possible to create a story for each of the Alphabet letters, consonants and vowels in the language, and with the help of that story, along with providing images related to that story, express the similarities, differences and the main structure of the words.

This is how the concept remains in the mind of the child in the form of a story, and in order to review the learned material and help to establish it, the story can be presented in the form of storytelling and also performed in the form of a show. This is easy for Parents can be understood, learned and practiced.

In addition to the educational dimension that it has, because it is done in the form of games and entertainment in the family, it strengthens the relationships between family members. In fact, it reduces the boredom created by quarantine and the constant presence of family members, especially children, in the home.

Finally, it should be noted that We need to interact with children in a way that is understandable to them. Accept their beautiful world for all its unreality Respect their privacy And always encourage their performance.