Fashion has inevitably transformed in the last few years. With its evolution over time, norm core fashion remained constant throughout. Be it in the early 2000s and even after that. While many had thought that the luxury fashion had taken a backseat, but it actually did not. The fashion experts were of the opinion that luxury fashion lacked creativity and design. Apart from all the hard work and passion, what also matters is the right kind of support from the right people to gain success in life. I do think fashion is important in society because it allows people to express their personality. Throughout the ages fashion has been an important part of society and culture. As the human world developed so did the practice of clothing and what people developed out of different materials to wear says Isa Jaime.

Fashion has been an integral part of our society, culture and nation. Fashion is global. Fashion is the most obvious and primary mode of expressing your own personality. Clothes, footwear, accessories etc. all are really intimate and give out pretty strong signals as to your sensibilities, how you perceive yourself, and what you want to show to the world about yourself.

Large fashion houses and renowned designers have used the global stage to showcase their fashion sense and to express themselves. You, express yourself ! The right fashion on the right occasion goes a long way in leaving a catchy first impression. If you are going for your first date, fashion makes you look your best self, helping you put your best foot forward, before you even begin to speak. Creating the lasting first impression is very important and will set up the standard for the rest of the evening. Fashion is not just wearing extravagant designer outfits, carrying the most precious jewelry and doing high class makeup. Rather it is a more absolute term which implies everyone has a different idea for fashion. And how you carry yourself, the grace and the sophistication involved in making you who you are play an important role in defining fashion for you. Nowadays, fashion is still a mean or recognition for your status or social group in a way or another. What I mean is that fashion is a way of self-expression – you can either choose to play with it or let others decide what your outfit tells about you.

More than self-expression, fashion is a mean of self-empowerment and confidence. My clothes would change something within me – sometimes I will feel more comfortable, confident with myself because I am wearing a specific pair of shoes or an outfit. Go on shopping to find new outfits is to me self-care time and I can pampered myself.

Fashion helps in bringing out our creative self

You may not be a fashion designer to be creative. Mix and match, picking designer outfits and wearing things with a certain accessory or jewelry is what brings out our creativity. Creativity in itself is a by product of inspiration, the drive that gets us going for a particular form of art or expression. Fashion also helps in giving you insights to explore your creative self.

Fashion helps in boosting confidence and is all about self actualization

The more you feel right about an art the more you wear it as fashion thus boosting your confidence. There are immense benefits of fashion as they help in self actualization accomplishment for you. Whatever you wear defines you and makes you comfortable

One big reason why fashion is important is because what you wear defines you. It makes you comfortable and at ease. Styling something that is fashionable makes you look great within, and more importantly- when you know you look great, your self-confidence scales totally to a different level.