Jose Gaytan

It is not wrong to say that this era is full of talented and hardworking people. Today, every next person is an entrepreneur who strives to achieve his goals. Among so many famous names, Jose Gayton is also a name that needs no introduction. He has been struggling since the beginning and has achieved what he once dreamed of.

Jose Gaytan is an all-rounder and can do many things at once. He is not only a business visionary, but also a speaker, tutor and agency builder. The best part is that he manages all these jobs elegantly. He started his career long ago under the influence of teachers worldwide. All his tutors and mentors helped him climb the stairs of success. Today, Jose along with his partner Marlene successfully run their own PHP Agency Inc. This agency has made its way into the world of success and has become one of the fastest growing marketing firms in the US. TGA, The Great Awakening, is a community that makes up about half of the company they have joined together to create.

Jose was devastated after his parents’ divorce, but what keeps him going is how his mother raised him and his three siblings while she ran a business on the side. Jose’s mother instilled in him the trait of a businessman. This is the reason why he did not prefer a regular job; instead, he chose to become a businessman.

Certain factors such as unexpected results, threats, and the chance to leave a mark on the planet have compelled him to start his agency. In October 2009, Gaytan was able to become the owner of PHP Agency with the help of a companion, business mentor, and visionary, Patrick Bet David.

Jose has set a beautiful example for all strong couples that it is necessary to have your spouse beside you if you want to win achievements. He and his wife both supported each other while his house was being built. He went on to say that his life was uncertain because he had to go through a lot, but the emotional barrier was one of the hardest barriers he suffered. He further highlights, “If you learn to have mental toughness, you will overcome any struggle you face on your way to success.”

Gaytan now proudly calls himself a dedicated co-founder of TGA Financials/PHP. This is basically an insurance company that has gained popularity over time. This company is promising in providing massive life insurance options to its clients. TGA Financials offers not only the best insurance plans but also impressive salary packages for its employees. Here, one has the opportunity of working either part-time or full time depending on their needs at a high pay rate.

In an interview, Gaytan shared the quote he loves and follows: “Don’t expect people to understand your grind unless God has given them your vision.” These phrases have given him the motivation to continue his successful journey, and he continues to grow. At this growth rate, he will surely reach 500,000 licensed professionals and complete control of the local and foreign industry by 2029. What drives him to continue growing and making a mark on the world is to make a significant difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals and dreams.