Deacon Geroge L. Cheers

We had the best dad in the world who provided for his family and loved his family so much! It showed in how he worked so many jobs and as long as I can remember my dad always worked other jobs so that we could have what is necessary as a family!

I actually thought we were pretty well off when I was a kid! What we were was truly blessed and it is because of this great man, my dad who made all this possible. He is gone and is still providing for me while I work on making my dreams come true! What a dad.. and thank you so much daddy for everything you have done for me, are still doing for me and for what you have instilled into me teaching me, molding me into the woman I am right now!

“It is so ironic that my dad passed on June 21, 2012 and this Father’s Day 2019, I celebrate our dad’s honor.”

“He took care of my mom best he could with our help until she passed in 2005 with MS……and he loved my mom so much and anything she told him she needed…..he got it.”

“I had to have one of the hardest working father’s on the planet and was very blessed to be his oldest daughter.”

“My dad had many extended family children and he was loved very much by so many all over the USA.”

“When it came to community events, my dad was right up there and our neighborhood even won Best Block Unit a couple of years because of his hard work of being Block Captain for many years and dedication to giving back to his community!”

“I loved my mom dearly and she was one of the strongest, smartest moms who could do anything and made most all of our clothes when were kids, but my dad I can see where I get the giving back, serving others and hard working from.”

“My dad was the youngest of eight (8) siblings and he was a work horse.”

He was the only sibling who worked a job and his other brothers were entrepreneurs besides working for others also but when daddy moved to Saint Louis he decided to work for Monsanto at Queeny Plant on 2nd Street downtown Saint Louis and then later the World Headquarters in Creve Coeur. Now, this was just one of his jobs and my dad was no joke and neither are his children when it comes to hard working!

“As long as I can remember my dad always was working and not once did we ever see lights out, creditors calling about bills being late, none of this and my dad saw to this never happening when it came to his family.”

“My dad worked this one job at the Church of Good Shepherd for Claudius Miller and family in Creve Coeur and he worked there longer than he worked for his primary job at Monsanto for over 38 years!”

“He worked for Monsanto World Headquarters in Creve Coeur, Missouri for 38 years and perfect attendance all 38 years!”

“Now….tell me this wasn’t a great man and he was a superb leader also and he was also a Crew Leader when he began working for Monsanto and then became a Manager.”

“My dad loved attending lectures and seminars and I truly get this from him!”

“When it comes to certificates, my dad had hundreds and this I truly am like him.”

“My grandson saw some of my certificates, awards of accomplishments one time when he was very young….and said, “Grammy you are just like Paw-Paw…..and this made me so smile.”

“I looked up to my dad and he taught me how to drive, to change a flat tire, to change the oil in the car, and always told me that always work hard because you never know who is watching.”

“Was he ever so right……and always tried to follow after him, even though I did not like staying at one place for too long due to my learning and then moving on to learn even more from someplace else.”

“In 1998, my dad received letters from President Bill Clinton, the late Governor Carnahan, and the Archbishop of the Anglican Church for his hard work and dedication for working a part-time job for over 32 years at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.”

“This was another job and he had so many, I cannot remember them all and never got fired from one, except….one where he took me and my sister Tam and we were very young….. and he cleaned a bakery on Grand down the street from the Fox Theater.”


“When he left the room… sister and I stuck our fingers in every pastry we could reach and tasted every single thing and unfortunately he lost that job.”

Daddy had plenty jobs and one of his part jobs he was on longer than his main job and we had the best dad in the world! Believe it or not our dad always made time for his family and we would all get in the car and he would take us riding and we would discuss things and our treat back then was “White Castle!” Yes, White Castle used to be really good and then a waitress would come out to the car and serve us and put a tray on the car window and they just tasted so much better and soft and delicious back then, but now, I don’t care for them too much anymore!

“I use to be really upset and would cry as a child and wanted to go with him when he left the house and this is where and when he began taking us with him to work and showing us the ropes.”

“My dad would sit us down and he would do the job,,,,,and then he would allow us to do what we saw him do.”

“You better believe my dad was a perfectionist and it had to be done correctly and professionally…..or he would make us do all over again.”

I wonder where we get this from? lol

“So…..this is definitely where we get working hard from and my dad was a hero when it came to providing and saw that we had what was essential to make us happy.”

“Christmas time was the best!”

“My mom would have us each to make a Christmas list.”

Mom would check that list but best of all our daddy made sure we got what was on that list! We were not given things freely and to show that we deserved them by working hard and helping serving all of the time and not some of the time.

I really believed were pretty well off when kids and we had one of the hardest working fathers in the world who provided for us and I never remember anybody calling telling us that we were late paying for anything and if we were I never knew it and neither did I ever remember as a kid having our utilities turned off never!

“And we were sensible kids and not very extravagant and greedy, but we put on that list what we wanted.”

“My dad always made sure along with my mom, that we got everything on our Christmas list too.”


“My dad stood for  no-nonsense when it came to time to cleaning and guess I watched him so much, I sort of went overboard you might say, but not so OCD anymore.” lol 

Daddy believed in you being responsible for yourself and never having to rely upon another.

Daddy would sometimes take us a kids to work with him on one of his part time jobs of many and he sat us down and showed us what being a leader was about. I will never forget when a little girl my daddy’s first job was being a ‘Crew Leader!’ So I wonder where we as his kids learned working hard from? lol

All of my siblings are very hard workers and we are all self-starters and when we work you will know we had something to do with the job because we are all George Cheers kids for certain and we leave good impressions of what doing what you love right because you never know who may be looking!

I cannot forget our children and my daughter is no joke by a long shot and I can hear her coming in from work saying just like my dad use to say, “I don’t have the luxury of staying in the bed all day and I work hard all day for you!” I showed her just like my dad showed us and the rest is history! We work and grind and it pays off!

Daddy always told us, “No matter what you do, if it is washing windows, be the best window washers and you never know who is watching!”


“When we were teens and on Saturdays, when he also worked one or more of his part time jobs……we would hear that car pull up and we jump out of bed and pretend to be cleaning  or we had to be doing something constructive!” lol 

“Those were the good ole days and I will always remember them too and is why I am such a dedicated & hard worker right now today and when I believe and want something bad enough, I work even harder to make it come true.”

“Anyway, I would like to say “Rest in Peace”  daddy and thanks for teaching me and being a great leader for your family.. for if it had not been for you….I would not be where I am right now….at this moment.”

“Even though you are there and I am here….I am working effortlessly to get myself to the place where I can pay my own way and be able to come and go as I please for the rest of my life.”

“I helped to take care of my dad when he got sick and took care of him at home and it was the best time ever and to be with your parents when they take their last breath……tends to give you this wonderful peace and serenity to be able to do anything that you never got a chance to do when you were busy being the eldest of the siblings.”

“I always believed that God intended for our parents to be there when we come into the world crying as babies…..and we should as their children……be with them……on their way out.”

“I thank you Daddy and may you and Mom rest in peace and I feel you with me always in my heart.”

“Thank you daddy for showing us what to do rather than always telling us like some parents do!”

“Thanks Daddy and I love you!”

The great lessons I got from my daddy was and is what ever you do, do it good! Nothing comes to you by wishing but by working!

“May all of you dad’s out there have a very Happy Father’s Day.”


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