Father and mother’s love complement each other; there is no comparison between them. A mother keeps a child warm and a father keeps both of them warm from unprotected part of world. It’s just we see the struggle of a mother at home but outside we are unable to witness his efforts from our naked eye.

And there come those fathers who are on a special mission to earn money and have to live out of country. They return from work with empty homes and silence all around waiting for them. A silence that starts eating you up and makes you far older than your age. A room that is your whole world and some smiling pictures of your loved ones that holds you every time to stay longer and longer. Through sickness and tiredness when nobody around you to fetch you a glass of water. Sitting with families and missing your own family; holding up your emotions and converting them into strength needs guts.

Festivals, occasions, spring, summer, autumn comes and goes without a single complaint. Their smiling faces unable to hide the grief in their eyes. Still they hide, smile and walk on the same unexpected and never ended journey. 

All praises and respect for them and a big Thank you that may not be enough for your loneliness and suffering. We admire you, look up to you and love you forever.