I sat down with children’s book author, energy and emotional healing coach and meditation guide, Sarah Vie, to learn how an effort to heal our own children, starts by healing our innermost selves, as parents. 

Vie is  experienced in helping clear out “old-limiting” identities, and helps provide a pathway for individuals who come to her to live a life of clarity, joy, and abundance. In her mission of helping adults to heal themselves, she hopes this trickles down in parent’s efforts to heal their children.

Vie has been featured on the front page of Modern Mom Magazine, Lifestyle Today, WLNY/CBS, NBC, Cleveland, ModernMom, WPHL Philadelphia, Medium Magazine, Woman Around Town, WCCO/CBS, and Yahoo! for her work with parents and children.

Vie, a mother to four children, decided five years ago, to go back to school to further explore her fascination with psychology and the human mind, which led to the creation of her coaching business, eventually catapulting her into writing her latest children’s book, “Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine: The Little Girl who Never Stopped Believing in Herself,” which, currently dealing with my own childhood trauma through EMDR, was very refreshing and helpful to my own healing process as I read through the book.

“I’ve always been fascinated about psychology and our mind, so I went back to school,” Vie explained to me. “In going back to school, I became not just a health coach, but most importantly, where my purpose is, is understanding our mind and understanding why we think the way we do…I found myself in an area of understanding children, because that’s where everything begins. In our childhood.”

On the Other Side of Fear, Is “Nothing”

“I’ve done a lot of research for articles that I’ve been writing, and I discovered that what children are actually holding onto energetically, are three generations of ancestral trauma and pain,” Vie revealed.

“And this is what we as little children are growing into, and not knowing. At the same time, our parents aren’t really aware that this is happening either. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s even more trauma , pain, and healing that these little kids need to sort out.”

But as Vie and I agreed, what happens when there are restrictions limiting children to watching television and playing on their iPads?

“We really need to heal,” she emphasized. “And this is what my book is all about: teaching children how to heal, whether it’s through a pandemic or the ancestral pain they hold onto.”

Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, this seems to be a source point for trauma in children, because of what Vie describes as a “lack of energetic connection” to others. 

“Zoom or not, there is no energetic connection with friends, and our youth is being restricted, particularly college kids.” In mentoring college students, Vie regularly witnesses the effect that isolation and change of scenery can have on her clients, many of whom are currently college students, especially when it involves a lack of energetic connection to friends and professors. 

“My newborn granddaughter has no idea what’s going on, but she’s witnessing everybody wearing a mask. We have to wonder what’s happening to our children? We don’t realize that this pain can be held onto for years and years, where we carry on thinking everything is fine as we return to some semblance of normalcy. In reality, we are holding onto this trauma, and it may not reappear until we are much older.”

Vie’s coaching business services clients from all over the world, including, but not limited to India and Germany. 

The biggest entry-point barrier Vie, as a mother and entrepreneur continues to face in her business is fear. “On the other side of fear, is nothing. There’s nothing there. It’s only what we perceive in our mind.”

Vie revealed that after “lovingly leaving a 30-year marriage,” she is still re-inventing herself. “Is it scary? Sure. But, it’s the most fulfilling time I’ve ever had. My husband and I, who have uncoupled, talk every week, co-parent our children, and spend holidays together. But once individuals start working with me, they realize there is safety here, which puts them at ease. We see light through a totally different lens.”

But in recognizing that fear, how does one then address it?

Clearing Out, Discovery, Manifestation

The first phase in addressing this fear, according to Vie, is clearing out, or clearing house. Young adults need to learn how to meditate and quiet all the noise.” Once you quiet the noise in your head, you start to understand what thoughts belong to you, versus those that you may have inherited or held onto from somebody else.

Next, discovering those thoughts and feelings, leads you to reasons for getting rid of those thoughts. 

Lastly, learning how to manifest what we want. “I’m all about embodying myself, you know? Finding your infinite truth.” Vie, who regularly spends time on Facebook Live, records several Live sessions. “You need to get in front of people as much as you can, so you can build that trust. If someone doesn’t trust you, they’re not going to be willing to share with you. I’ve heard stories, like you would not believe, about how people were treated as children, you know? Or even some of their current addictions.”

Vie’s latest book, depicts a six-year old child, which represents everything Vie wished she had known as a child, specifically believing that she would be able to get through any challenge in life, and not believing the lie that we are restricted by the bounds of today’s physical world.

“The majority of our population lives through somebody else’s fear and beliefs,” she told me, explaining that the conflict and resistance we feel, is because we’re not living within ourselves, but another. The book’s message is about healing our children now, so they don’t have to heal when they’re 57-years old, looking to fill a gap in what they deem to be an “unfulfilled life.”

As our conversation concluded, Vie told me that she feels strongly about her message getting out there. “When I first saw a picture of a little girl in England holding my book up, with a gleeful smile, I broke into tears, because it’s so meaningful to me, simply because I wish I had known all this  growing up. I didn’t grow up believing in myself. I inherited this pain. You know, little babies are not born with the language of, ‘I’m not enough,’ ‘I hate my body,’ or ‘I can’t do this!’. They’re all pure joy, and why is it that they lose it when they’re older? It’s because they’re holding onto somebody else’s beliefs.”