We all are familiar with fear, we all have it, we all fight it.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose our battle against fear.

Stress is nothing more than fear for the result we expect from a situation we are in or will be. Fear of being late, fear of not being worth it, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being lovable, fear of not being deserving. Why do most people get stressed from simple daily tasks related to relationships, careers, health, or money? The answer is very simple: we take everything personally when nothing actually is. We get attached to the payoff whether it is good or bad.

We tend to want to control everything around us. The reality is that most of the time circumstances and surroundings control us, otherwise we would never be stressed. This lack of control is the reason we get stressed in the first place.  Let me also introduce the idea to you of payoff.  

Payoff is when we always get a little something out of negative or stressful situations. For example, we play the victim role, we get people to acknowledge us more, we draw attention to us in a positive or negative manner. 

Now you can see the patterns that are created by repeating this cycle of stress. The payoff is the reason we get attached to the same stress repeatedly. 

This situation is the reality of the majority of people in the world. They don’t own their life, they allow other people or surroundings to tell them how to live their life. The only thing that matters is YOU and what’s important to you, these should always go first. Take power in your life!