What I learned from hosting a vision board workshop for women entrepreneurs last month.

Since incorporating journaling and meditation into my daily routine, clarity is becoming more natural. During my vision board workshop last month, I had ten women entrepreneurs ready to open up, mind, body and spirit and create vision for their lives. Timing was perfect. It is a great time of year for vision boards. If you haven’t done one, you should! A common theme for all my students was releasing fear.

When you can get to the core of most road less traveled moments and the choices that ensue, it is fear that holds us back from choosing. I would say if one is faced with this Frost-like moment, and is asked, what road will you travel on? Most would stand there without a response. When you cannot move forward, it is typically fear that freezes you in place. What do you fear? Change, challenge, or fear of becoming awesomely happy or successful? Or do you fear the work that you will have to put?

As you decide how you are going to envelope your personal vision for your life, try and discern where fear is the conductor. Think about why that fear is there in the first place and begin to release it it from your life. This is the first step to exercising your power from within to release the hold that fear has on your life.

Fear shackles people in place. When we allow it to overcome, life can become stagnant. We cannot live a life we are wildly excited about because we are afraid that if we do, we might lose something along the way. We could not possibly leave a partner that is abusive because we would have to pick up and start over again. Break free of the shackles.

On the other side of fear is freedom! Unleash your powerful intent to release fear from your life. Do not be afraid to be who you were created to be. Break free from the chains that bind you to fear and look forward; then take your first step toward a wildly exciting life! Create vision with purpose and move forward one baby step at a time.


  • Laureen

    Laureen Kautt - Live Your Life With Volition - BCC, NLP-CP

    Volitionary Movement

    Laureen is the Principal Coach and founder of The Volitionary Movement. Her practice grew out of her passion for helping people embrace life's changes. Her process and road map assists thousands in understanding their core purpose and how to translate that to a successful life. Laureen's consultative and strategic approach to individual and group coaching is embraced around the globe. She is solicited by recruiters and talent leaders for coaching and guidance. Laureen is sought after by universities such as the University of Colorado, Denver graduate program in international business, to speak on topics such as talent acquisition, interviewing skills, and the war for talent. Laureen’s philanthropic endeavors include faith-based education for children and adults. She is affiliated with organizations that care for orphans in São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa. Laureen also volunteers her time to assist veterans re-entering the civilian workforce.