Fear of happiness.

It’s real, let me tell you.

Right now you fear happiness and orgasmic living more than suffering or dissatisfaction.

Absurd, crazy, incredible.

All of the above, yet still real.

When you fear something, you stop it from entering your life.

Your block yourself from receiving it.

Just do a quick exercise, close your eyes and imagine all your desires coming true at once right now, all the wealth you want arriving, all the love and relationships being claimed, all the health and wellbeing you desire showing up for you, all your desires manifesting now.

I bet you, your body constricts and even shuts down.

I bet you tears show up and your body shivers.

Why, is the key question?

Because happiness wasn’t a safe space when you were growing up.

Because you lived with a family that was full of fears and constrictions and that is the only legacy they relayed to you.

Because whenever you felt happy, whenever you relaxed and really enjoyed yourself, someone fucked it up for you either by shaming you for being happy (yes that’s also a real thing), cutting your enjoyment short by making you feel guilty that you are not working hard enough – finishing chores or duties, calling you out on something unrelated that you should be now scolded or punished for.

These are all not very subtle ways that family said: Happiness is not safe.

So, you, I and many others blocked it.

Welcoming happiness feels like welcoming pain, and as crazy as it sounds, you wanna stop it.

The way out of this vicious circle of ancestral trauma is to dissect each of these core situations and give you your power back, by allowing you to safely feel the fear, shame or guilt you were made to feel, by getting the gold within that experience through speaking the truth to whomever hurt you, and then returning these emotions to the sender emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

THIS is my signature emotional alchemy and THIS allows you to reboot your system back to your natural state where you welcome happiness as it now invokes feelings of joy, excitement and radiance.

Fear of anything is a disconnect from its original essence.

When that disconnect is healed, the fear is gone.

You are free to receive all your desires without any association to pain.

This is possible, this is easy when done under my guidance and supervision, and you deserve it.

Your orgasmic life lies on the other side of this fiery initiation.

You are capable for walking right through it.

I invite you to. 


  • Dunja Radosavljevic

    Mentor and Coach

    To learn more visit my website http://bit.ly/2vHHmFq I help clients live their orgasmic life by reclaiming their essence. I do that by allowing them to process emotional pain and fog that's blocking the access to their brilliance and who they truly are. I facilitate the transformation of core emotional issues from client's past that need healing and empowerment. Resulting from this process is the release of their authentic strengths which are require in order to walk the path of brilliance. My clients are surprised at the level of relief and breakthrough they feel after just one session. One client said: "So this morning I was tidying up all the scraps of paper with notes and ideas on them, and I was looking in my journal at the list of negative beliefs that I wrote before we spoke. 23 of them in total and currently only a couple created any real trigger. You are bloody amazing!"