In my Thrive Leadership Accelerator Academy call a few weeks ago, a discussion came up regarding resistance…and I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then. It’s something that I personally have come a long way with over this past year and a really valuable area to explore so I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Where do you feel “blocks” in life? Where you’re holding back for whatever reason, where things don’t quite feel right or where you feel like you’re often forcing something? 

You can feel where your blocks are because it feels like resistance; it’s not smooth and easy.  I am a firm believer in the fact that if we aren’t meant to do something, the universe knows and gives us information and signs and feelings to tell us; it’s that intuitive feeling of “no, this doesn’t feel right.” 

But here’s the hard part – we also feel resistance from our ego. We feel resistance when we are fearful and don’t want to take that next step. We feel resistance when we are simply unclear or lack the courage to follow through. 

This is why it’s so important that we start understanding the difference between resistance being ego or resistance being intuition guiding you somewhere else. And it’s within this grey area that we often operate. 

Start to observe and journal when resistance shows up for you; what situations are you feeling resistance? Are they certain people involved? Certain projects or behaviours associated? How does that resistance feel within your body? Do you feel it coming to you from your head, or from your heart and your gut? 

When we start to build an understanding of what resistance is coming from where, we can make better decisions. We will know when we need to push ego aside, face the fear and step into performance and action versus when we need to honour the information our intuition is sending us, recognize the information presented from the universe and use that to guide us as our highest selves. 

When you are faced with a block or any kind of resistance this week, I want you to pause and ask yourself “am I being gently guided away by my intuition, or is this fear?”

Journal on it, reflect on it and trust that in time, you will get better at listening and recognizing the difference. It’s a tricky thing to do but trust that you are given the information and the experiences that you need in this life. And have FUN in this process!