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As we grow through life so much happens to us. We form our beliefs based on what we learn and who we learn from and we shape who we are as people. I always wonder, do we grow into entrepreneurs or are we born?

As someone who is highly driven, I watched my mum work so hard to give us the life she dream’t, yet still didn’t succeed in achieving her dreams of building a beautiful home and giving us what she dream’t. Or did she? I believe she did, although she may not agree. 

What she gave us was far more than that. She gave us our work ethic, she gave us our determination and grit to succeed, and most importantly, she gave us our gratitude for life. 

I spoke to a few other female entrepreneurs to ask what their take on success is in the book Fearless Females: Stories of Female Entrepreneurs around the world in pursuit of their success.

“You have everything inside of you ready to teach whatever your passion is just do it!” – Sheree Murray

Sheree Murray is an award winning chef a transformational coach. She found herself living her dream, travelling the world, winning awards as a high class chef, she had sussed it out. But had she? At the height of her career which she had worked so hard for, she had the realisation that this was not her dream at all. And this is where Sheree’s entrepreneurial journey began.

We are all the same, and there is no magic formula for being a certain type of person. If you want to be that person – make yourself into it!Faye Edwardes.

In a moment that would change Faye’s life forever she was rushed to hospital with chest pains and feared the worst. After discovering the pains were due to anxiety and stress Faye knew she had to change her life around and discover her inner self. Throughout her story Faye shares with us her resilience, her passion and how she has created her success from the inside out. Faye turned her business life around at this time and it was then she formed her passion of coaching in confidence. 

“It’s OK to not be perfect. Ignore other people, they don’t know your story, just as you don’t know theirs. Social media is not real, no one is perfect. Don’t use it to make comparisons or worry about the pictures on Instagram. It’s fine, you’re enough.” Claire Ashton

In an accident that left Claire in a wheelchair, being told she may never walk again she was determined that she would. She found strength through her determined personality and her family. Not only did Claire regain back to full health, she is a thriving personal trainer, coach and has created her dream business and life. For Claire this was the turning point, she realised she needed to allow her business to work around her and began to support women online.

“Strip away the layers of expectations, guilt, and limiting beliefs that don’t serve you so you can thrive unapologetically exactly as you are.” Veronica Yanhs

Veronica thought she could never succeed and thrive while being herself, because there was always some part of her that was critiqued as “not good enough”. She became a chameleon so that no one knew who she really was, so that she could be safe and free from judgement…until something within her had enough. She came to the realization that the world would judge her either way, and since then, has made it her mission to help others thrive unapologetically exactly as they are with her two entrepreneurial endeavors Business Laid Bare and Desires Laid Bare.

“If my strength intimidates you, I hope you realise that’s a weakness of yours” Jannina Beckett 

Jannina had worked so hard to create her dreams. Landing her dream job was the success she had always dreamed of and she finally thought this was it. It wasn’t long before it turned into the nightmare she had never considered possible. In a shocking turn of events that lead to her being vacated from the premises by security she had no idea where to turn next. Jannina not only turned her life around, she founded the award winning law firm Jaycon Legal Solicitors and that was when her true entrepreneurial journey began.

“Tomorrow really could be too late, so do it today!” Christie Adams

Christie was sick of being laid off and knew she had to make a change in her life. It was now or never. Creating her escape plan she designed the life and business of her dreams. Travelling the world on her own terms and showing mid-lifers that anything is possible. Christie went on a gap year at age 50 and began her entrepreneurial journey off the back of supporting others to do the same, empowering others to see they do not have to wait. Christie’s business was born.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far go together.” Donna Wojtas

The thought of returning to work after having her first baby left Donna feeling anxious, depressed and at a loss as to what to do with her life. Leading Donna to pluck up the courage and take action on the biggest, boldest dream of her life and start her own business. Turning the darkest times of her life into the most precious of gifts. Donna created the business of her dreams and now supports others to do the same, this was when her entrepreneurial journey blossomed.

“Give your business time to grow” Shari Sant

From a single mum of 3 kids with a hobby doing data entry and proof reading Shari has built her hobby into something beyond her dreams. Shari has fought against disabilities of her own and of her childrens, against her own self doubts and lack of skills to develop and grow, she started up her business off the back of the realisation that she was suddenly a single parent and she needed something to work around the school runs. Shari’s business journey began at this point and it has grown far further than she ever imagined.

“Is it scary? Heck yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes!!” Angela Hamilton

Angela had been waiting for the promotion for three years before deciding to take fate into her own hands. When Angela finally said YES to her dreams, her bosses said yes to her promotion. Angela used that cash to fund the business of her dreams and retired from her day job at just 40! Angela’s incredible business journey began when she finally found the courage to step out and step up.

“Who you are and what makes you stand out is your superpower. You will attract the lovers and repel the haters and that’s ok!” – Mira Joleigh

Mira felt she was meant for more and she knew the voices of “This isn’t IT yet” in her mind would be worth pursuing. This journey took her through depression, drugs and alcohol coming to a head with a quarter life crisis. Through the light was the life Mira had been craving for all that time. She is now a life coach, business mentor and podcast host and her deepest, darkest days fuelled her to begin a business to help others find their passion, rock their confidence and launch their first business too! Her journey began off the back of her loneliest days.

“Make one thing that is going to move you forward, so the next day you can build on that one thing. Then you can look back and say I did that! I created that!” – Jessica Reveles 

On September 14, 2016 Jessica walked into the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission with her then seven-year-old son. She’d waited a month to get into the Los Angeles family shelter, and stayed there for the next five months.

She was terrified, humiliated and uncertain of the future, but she also knew she needed help. At one of the most broken times in her life she realized that this was an opportunity to embrace change rather than run away from it as she had done in the past. It was a hard reality. It was rock bottom. It was a breakdown. But it was also the beginning of a breakthrough.

When I come to think about it, although I had grown with the determination, and grit of my mothers personality. My current business and my latest project – Fearless Females was born from one of the lowest times in my own life.

Having birthed my first baby girl into the world I struggled with post natal depression and it was my growth through this which lead to a life changing breakthrough. After studying NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) I knew I HAD to support as many other women as possible to experience it too. 

So, the questions still sits. 

Are we born entrepreneurs or are we grown entrepreneurs? 

What do you think?