We all have days where we are feeling a little less than motivated. You know, the type of days where we just want to sit around in our pajamas for the entire day snacking on potato chips and catching up on that series we love. The days where we wish we had a personal assistant, a cook, and someone to drive us around. I know that I sure have them from time to time.

Since I work from home and run my own business, however, giving in to them can be dangerous so I’ve had to come up a few strategies to thwart these feelings of blah.

Here are some tricks that I use, and you can too, to help get you out of your funk:

  1. Do something you love. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or structured. It should just be something that makes you smile. Maybe it’s turning on a song that you really like, maybe it’s calling a dear friend, or maybe it’s just going out for a run. Feelings of joy will combat your feelings of blah, so go to battle and do what you can to turn your mood around.
  2. Remind yourself. It can sometimes be challenging, but try to focus on all of the good things that are going on in your life and career. We often forget about them and dwell on the less attractive areas of our lives. When you stop and take inventory, however, you’ll realize that you’ve likely got a lot more to be happy about than you think. Jog your memory every now and again when you need a reminder.
  3. Focus on the big picture. Sure, there are a lot of mundane tasks that you are engaging in throughout the day, but they are tasks that you must complete in order to get to the fun stuff. Look at where they are leading you instead and realize that there is a lot of significance in the small stuff. Pay your dues with a smile while thinking about what (and where) it will get you.
  4. Manifest something more exciting. Whenever I am not happy with what I’m doing or want to get to someplace else, I make a list. You should too. It can be a list of where you see yourself in 6 months, or a list of your ideal day. The simple act of putting it to paper can help turn it into a reality. We only get what we ask for. Ask for a lot.
  5. Give Yourself a Pass. When all else fails, just give yourself a pass. Maybe it’s an off day and your body just really needs a break. If that is the case, succumb. Ironically, the act of giving yourself a breather can help you get back to it with extra zeal, so give in to the temptation every once in awhile when the blah continues to linger.