As an Energy Healer I take my work very seriously.
Every word I write, photo I share or re-post I put up must be of value.
It must be meaningful, deep and useful for the people who read it.

So I put the bar high. This can cause a block, pressure and nothing seems good enough to put out there.
In this state of mind I wouldn’t create anything good. The word mind says it all. I was up in my mind. Thinking and comparing myself to others. The one place creativity doesn’t live, the mind in overdrive.

I’ve created powerful ways to get out of this state immediately:

1. A vulnerable reminder of who you are
Find a reminder of yourself that with one look or touch you’re reminded of your true self.

For me this is a cute baby photo of myself, that has a permanent place on my desk.
Whenever I’m insecure and don’t feel good enough to create, I’ll look at her.

Would I think these things about her?

The answer is always NO.
This way you immediately change the way you’re thinking about yourself.

2. Get yourself out of the current situation
Go for a walk, take a bath, read a magazine, etc.

I do this to let other influences and information inside.
Sooking up new energy with the fresh air outside.

3. I ask for help
This is the best one. I promise you.

Sadness, insecurity, in general not feeling good is a sign you’re not connected to your true inner self.
Who you really are. Love & loved, trust & trusted, beautiful and intelligent.
Make this connection again and find peace & guidance.
Become still, focus on your breathing, on your heart. How your body feels.
Let it all in without judgement.

Be for a while.

Then, say how you are feeling and what you want to feel or achieve.
Ask for help to feel better and guidance with writing, cooking, being with the kids. Anything you need.

Say thank you and be open to receiving what you’ve asked for.

Follow your instinct, by turning on the radio, open a magazine, talk to a friend.
These nudges are being send to guide us to where we want to be, how we want to feel.

Happy and full of life.