As someone who is passionate about interviewing women in business, here are some of the most interesting female entrepreneurs working on unique and innovative projects this year.

Dr. Tasha Holland-Kornegay

Dr. Holland-Kornegay is working to improve the wellness tech industry with the development of her latest platform, This new platform allows mental health and wellness professionals to hold and/or attend wellness events and network with other industry professionals. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who earned her Doctoral Degree in Counseling (Human Services) with a concentration in Family Intervention Strategies and owns, a North Carolina-based therapy clinic.

Ashley Victoria Smith

Ashley-Victoria Smith is fighting for equality in the fashion industry among designers and models. As the founder of the leading fashion show production company, she specializes in working with female designers and their brands within the luxury swim, resort, lingerie, bridal, and athleisure apparel industry. She ultimately helps female entrepreneurs build power brands through planning and producing fashion shows.

Elaine Rau

The original, Elaine Rau teaches female entrepreneurs how to build online brands that really stick out from the competition with a series of courses and digital products — whether it’s social media marketing, blogging, or email marketing. She also runs the online fashion boutique

Angela Ficken 

Boston-based psychotherapist and entrepreneur Angela Ficken is changing the way that people manage stress and anxiety with her digital course business. She created the Breaking Every Day into Silvers Not Chunks course and is the founder of