As we walk through this coronavirus pandemic in 2020, all we see is an exponential jump in the coronavirus spreading all across the world. Believe it or not, in the hope that we live to get rid of this deadly virus, we know the truth. The Coronavirus is here to stay with us, making our lives more miserable than ever. Somewhere down the road, we have come to terms of living in isolation, social distancing, quarantining, and whatnot. Surprising isn’t it? As a matter of fact, sometimes I reminisce about the time where these were merely words, they had no meaning, and instead, the social gatherings were a thing! We were normal.

Clearly, as we see, this deadly virus has robbed us of normalcy, it has changed the way we live, the way we work, basically of the things with which we used to function!

“How bad can it be?” they say.

Although, for some of us, isolation is a matter of privilege. While, for others, I might not be able to say the same. We’ve seen people doing poorly in their business, in their health, some fighting their way out of it while some losing their loved ones in this battle of COVID-19.

I say its the worst. The battle is not just affecting us physically, but mentally as well. With many of us dealing with abuse, facing the fear of confined spaces each day. Many of us risking their lives and going out there to work, wearing an N95 mask throughout the day in order to earn their daily bread.

Everything is not completely negative though. As I mentioned earlier, for some of us, living in isolation is a matter of privilege as I see people utilizing this time to reconnect with their family members, spending time with them. Rediscovering their interests and exploring the new ones!  

Different people have a different story to tell as they cope with this pandemic, trying to stay alive! (Stay safe and exercise all the preventive measures).

Indeed, time is the biggest teacher. This time as we fight the COVID pandemic altogether, it has made us adapt and learn a lot.

Here is a list of a few things that I would like to share with you, and that everyone should learn as well.

  1. Live in the Present, try not to panic about the future! 

Let’s be honest, at this time, we don’t know what lies in our future. With coronavirus as the unexpected guest in our lives, we walk amidst the chaos in our lives, wearing an N95 mask on our face, we really don’t know a thing! Agreed, we had so many plans, ready to be executed, but all of it seems really blur now!

Panicking about it isn’t the approach I would suggest. In my opinion, I would suggest everyone try and stay in the present instead of chickening out and going to pieces. The present is all we have and at this time, terrifying over it will only make things worse. Try to utilize time in meditation therapy. It will help you stay sane!

  1. Channelize your focus on discovering and doing things that you love.

 Yes, there was a time where we all used to spend our energy rushing around in the traffic.

But as we live a restricted life. This is what I have to say about it. Believing it or not, but it is our life, and us homo sapiens are social animals. Here enters the boon in our lives, the internet, keeping all those negative things aside, let’s focus on all the gifts this digitalization has in its closet for us all. Our access energy can be used in reconnecting with our families, members, and friends who are stuck far from us. You can take up various online courses that are available online. Take up new hobbies and rediscover the old ones. 

  1. Be kind!

No, this isn’t a moral science class. But I believe we all know about how kindness is a noble virtue. We have obviously grown weary and tired of hearing this is a period of resetting ourselves into a new normal. But take an honest look around you. This massive pause in our lives indicates us to go forward and continue our lives with the new normal, this a sign by the universe to remind us to be kind and generous and no one knows what our future beholds. Simply caging us up inside for so much time, we have thus, realized how these animals feel as they live there whole life caged up or fearing us humans. This time the earth has taken a break for itself. There are so many online communities and individuals that reach out to people that live in solidarity and help them get through these hardships together.

Philosophies aside, lastly, no matter how much I stress upon the seriousness of COVID-19, it is up to you to realize the seriousness of this issue and on taking up all the preventive measures such as wearing the N95 mask, and practicing the social distancing strictly, and staying home unless necessary!