Krystal Garza

Attorney Krystal Garza was born in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Although she spent her early years in California and was educated in San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley will always hold a special place in her heart. The child of two divorced parents, Garza’s childhood was marked by tragedy and suffering. From a young age, she dreamed of becoming a lawyer and making a difference in the world. Presently, Garza is the founder of KG Law and the co-founder of AK Law. Her expertise ranges from family law to civil, criminal, and insurance law.

Although she loves her hometown, she is the first to admit that the South Texas town is wrought with difficulty and corruption. From the rampant family and domestic violence issues to the complete abuse of insurance companies, there is no shortage of people in need of support and assistance. Although originally, Garza avoided family law due to the traumatic memories it brought up, when she realized the complete lack of child advocacy in her town, she decided to do something about it.  “I want to be a voice for the voiceless, Garza explains, “All too often the needs of the child are completely overlooked, as parents are so focused on themselves or fighting their partner.”

For the most part, Garza can resolve the disputes in the office, without the case ever having to go to trial.  “The avoidance of a long, painful, drawn-out trial, is the best-case outcome for the child,” says Garza.

Whether she is representing a distraught mother or the victim of home damage, Garza approaches each case with empathy and kindness.  “Empathy is a rarity in my profession”, says Garza, “And this is particularly evident in South Texas, specifically the Rio Grande Valley.”  She says, f you express empathy towards the people you work with, you will be able to understand what they need from you, and how you can treat them the way they want to be treated. The thought that someone could be in the most vulnerable position of their life, and not find compassion and care from their lawyer is tragic.  “I realize that what most of my clients need is someone to come alongside them, be their advocate, and fight for them,” she says.

In the 5 years that she has been practicing criminal law, Garza’s favorable verdicts have earned her national recognition and a spot on the Top 40 under 40 for Top Criminal Defense Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers.  Although she is passionate about finding justice for wrongfully convicted individuals, Garza is equally dedicated to fighting the corrupt insurance companies that deny claims for the hardworking people of Rio Grande Valley. She is one of the only female-owned firm in all of South Texas that focuses on Consumer Protection, Breach of Contract, and Insurance Law.

In South Texas, winter storms and hail pose an immense threat to the homeowners in the area. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are all too quick to deny a consumer’s claim after the home has been damaged. Garza recalls her own experience of a storm causing damage to their home and her husband’s distraught reaction when the insurance company denied their claim.

“Denying a claim will almost always be their first response,” she explains, “Unfortunately, most people don’t have the knowledge or means to fight that decision.”

After finding out that she was an insurance law attorney, Garza sent her insurance company a letter for their wrongful denial of her claim, almost immediately the insurance company sent Garza and her husband a check for $40,000 with no further action. While she had a happy ending to her own story, the majority of individuals who experience similar damage aren’t so lucky. Insurance companies’ decision to deny a claim can transpire for several reasons, if they don’t deny the claim outright, they may claim that the damage is below the deductible.

Furthermore, individuals are obligated to mitigate the damage in a timely manner, though many may not have the means or resources to do so, which can further diminish their chances of getting their claim accepted. This contributes to a vicious cycle, that for many, can be impossible to emerge from. However, with the help of Krystal Garza and her dedicated team, justice can be achieved and the family’s nightmares can finally come to an end. To learn more about Krystal Garza’s fight for justice in Rio Grande Valley, visit