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Our children are struggling at home, and we have an opportunity to teach a topic never before taught

We want to connect with students and their families who could really benefit from being a part of our life changing program called the Kidpreneur Family Challenge!

My name is Troy Aberle and I am the proud parent of Luke Aberle, who is an 11 year old entrepreneur. I am also an executive business coach who is educated and experienced at creating outstanding results in businesses across North America. You see Luke started his entrepreneur journey at the age of 9 years old and he began doing product reviews of tech products and camping gear. His passion is learning and providing a kids point of view of a grownups world.His website is lukesview.comLuke and I are both passionate to helping people learn how to create outstanding lives, which is why we have partnered up to help families who are struggling with the real challenges in our world today:Parents are too busy in their own careers to create the time to discover what desires and passions are in the minds of their children.Kids are often at home trying to find ways to feel purposeful and significant to their families and judgmental peers. 94% of children today will not be exposed to real life business until the age of 21 years old at the minimum. At that time opportunity is often blocked by limiting beliefs, fear, and limited business education.Educators are handcuffed and are not able to teach the strategies often only accessible to the top 10% of society. Let us help you change that with our exciting program! We are working with parents from all walks of life who are thanking us for creating a life changing program which is bringing smiles of encouragement to the faces of them and their eager to lean children! Teachers are excited because FINALLY they have access to a program that will spark the minds of the children they teach!Take a look at our page and please let us know if we can have the opportunity to help your children and create a brighter and more confident future for them and their families!
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Sincerely,Troy Aberle
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We have the opportunity to empower our kids to become leaders. Creating a new shift in our mindset will change the moral of the entire family and creates a culture of inspiration rather than boredom, depression, and fear. 
Sent by Troy Aberle of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.