There are plenty of difficulties that will accompany traveling, no matter the distance or the reason for departure. In order to make your traveling experience better, you’ll need to combat these issues before they arise. Planning your trip shouldn’t be difficult, yet the pre-trip process is typically where issues are found. Finding the perfect method of travel for you and your situation is hard, sometimes impossible. 

If you’re trying to find a bus from Puno to Cusco, you may have already experienced the vast amount of options that come up in your searches. You know how overwhelming that can be and find the right bus for you is that much more difficult when every company is vying for your attention. The same is found if you can’t find any results at all – how are you supposed to find your perfect bus if nothing is returned from your search?

With travel websites like 12Go, you can get all of your results listed in one place with easy to access information available for you. You have the option to filter your searches to only provide you with results that match your needs. Travel is stressful but finding the right bus from Puno to Cusco doesn’t have to be.

Filter your results

As mentioned above, certain travel websites will allow you to filter your search results to match your specified criteria. If the website you’re using doesn’t have that option, perhaps you’ll want to search with someone else. Filtering allows you to specify what criteria your bus route needs to match. For example, if you’re hoping to get to Cusco from Peru in a timely manner, perhaps you’ll want to look for the shortest trips first.

If you’re tight on money, perhaps you’ll filter your search based on the most affordable options. You can even filter your search based on the method of travel – if you want to ensure you’re only seeing bus results, you have that option. Even user ratings can come into play on which results the website shows you. 12Go is an excellent example of a website with this searching feature.


If you’re looking for a bus from Puno to Cusco, there are plenty of options currently available from many different companies. As far as pricing is concerned, there is a wide range of different costs and ticket prices. The current lowest cost is $13 per adult and the current highest price is $66. The higher-priced tickets seem to be based on the quality of the bus.

Trip length

No matter who you go with, you’re looking at a long trip ahead of you. Set aside a day for travel alone because Puno to Cusco is a relatively decent distance from one another. Of the options available, the fastest route will take around 7 hours while the longest one leans closer towards 10 hours and 30 minutes. 

Method of transportation

While many routes will have different methods of transportation available to be used, it seems that Puno to Cusco can only be done by bus. Keep that in mind when planning your trip – it will be a day of traveling by bus before you get to Cusco.