The world has tilted – and so must we – in a new direction.  RIP – Old ways. 

We all just got a little bit more real about redefining our values as a human race, what we believe, and what we express.

Values: Definition: The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something”.

We all know values are our deep drivers, including emotions, experiences, beliefs, memories. Values inform our decisions, brand, culture, behavior, money, career, health, relationships, family life and dreams.  

In the popular book “Who Moved My Cheese “  Dr Spencer Johnson – we discover how people (or mice named Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw)  behave when their ‘cheese’ (money, income, job, security, business, industry, health, family) is moved.  

When we consider our current ‘values’ – we must ask ourselves… in the words of Dr Phil… “How’s that working for ya?”.  Then, like Sniff and Scurry the entrepreneurial mice – work out how to move to Cheese station C in the maze of a disrupted life.

What has become more important to you during the pandemic? Have you noticed anything different about your values? 

Does the need for peace of mind now override the need for achievement?  Has love and connection become a higher need? 

Did somebody move your cheese?

Find yourself again…


  1. Write a list of positive values. Ones you want to move towards. 

Values could be freedom, love, confidence, growth, adventure, fun, compassion, significance, authenticity, contribution, responsibility, care, peace, joy, faith, integrity, excellence, achievement, fulfilment, variety, certainty, generosity, approval, courage, agility, security…  

  1. Give each value a number out of 10 in order of importance to you.
  1. What values would you like to experience less of? 

Discouragement, failure, disapproval, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, rejection… if you google values you will come up with a list of hundreds of words! 


  1. Ask yourself – is this value serving me at this time?  

Maybe security or safety was a high value for you – but now your career or industry is no longer providing that security. What other value would serve you?  


Are you on a financial hamster wheel? (pardon the pun and apologies to Hem)

Your personal values around money have a direct positive or negative impact on your sales, income and profit.

When I take clients through a deep emotional and practical dive into their money values – and what drives their behaviour around money or sales, we find the hidden values and beliefs as to why they aren’t achieving financial goals.  

Consider this.. Are your conflicting internal values stopping you from asking for the money you want? 

Are you in conflict spiritually? Are the rules, values and beliefs you were taught still relevant and relatable to you?

Are you articulating your true value well? Pricing your service, salary or product at a rate that you deserve?  Do you have the same values around money as your spouse? 


When your values are in conflict, it’s like a see saw – when one goes up – the other goes down.

You may be struggling with conflicting values. For example: comfort vs growth; freedom vs security;  purpose vs income; passion vs. profit;  disapproval vs self expression.

In order to think with an entrepreneurial mindset – we must value agility.   

I experienced a personal conflict between my desire for financial security, while at the same time desiring freedom.  I had to  learn to enlist different values – like wisdom, discipline, focus, responsibility, courage in order to achieve goals. 

I had to keep choosing these values, not just once, but daily.

Do you love variety and ideas but not executing?  Place a higher value on discipline, patience to get the job done. 


Draw a see saw – and write on each side any conflicting values you see within yourself. 

What positive values can you pay more attention to?  


DISNEYLAND sells happiness: The tagline -“The happiest place on earth”.  

54 years after Walt Disney’s death – the world is still captivated by this ‘land’ of make believe, of dreams. Why?  Because people who want to experience happiness go to Disneyland. 

Values driven brands have something in common:

  • They become market leaders by enlisting the hearts (values) of the tribe
  • Their employees truly live out the values, and take them personally– starting with the CEO.
  • Their products reflect their values – Cinderella – lives happily ever after. 
  • They inspire with their unique ideas, beliefs, tag lines and methods which align with their value proposition.  When you wish upon a star your dreams come true!
  • They clearly stand for a particular ‘human’ value or desire. Think Apple: Innovation; Michelangelo – Creativity, Oprah – Growth, Inspiration; Louis Vuitton – Exclusive. Jesus – love. Princess Diana – compassion. The list goes on. 

Are your personal, brand or corporate values still RELEVANT to what your clients, your team, leaders care about right now? 

Do you really know why your customers are buying from you? Or why they are not? 

Are your employees interpreting your company values through their own lens?  Is there conflict or disengagement because of a values shift? 


Personally, my spiritual values are my deepest drivers and greatest keys to business success.  When I chose to pursue faith over fear, I began to experience more sales, more income, because I was not aligned with negativity or doubt, and was driven from a deep place of conviction and congruence. 

Spiritual values can be the richest and most powerful way to transform your life, and your circumstances.  I find clarity, grace, growth, achievement, freedom, peace, wisdom and confidence when I connect with God. Some people think that spirituality is about religion – but I don’t see it that way – in fact, I hate that word! It’s about a relationship with a higher being. 

Explore your spiritual values – whatever they are.  Look deeper within. 

Maybe, like How we can rewrite our own values on the walls of our hearts. 

Maybe then we will find our cheese again. And ourselves.

© Copyright Louise Taylor 2020


  • Louise Taylor

    High Performance, Wellness and Sales Mindset Mentor

    With extensive experience in how to rapidly move through hidden emotional and sales barriers & identify commercial opportunities - Louise's Taylor's knowledge of what drives human behaviour & spirit has earned Louise the opportunity to coach experts, teams, business owners and executives all over the world. Founder of the Identity Program©, Money Mindfit™ and Neuro-Flow© technique, Louise uses neuro-science, & an unrivaled depth of intuitive coaching tools to help you break the bad and build the good. Her clients include HCF, Nutricia, St Vincent De Paul & many more in the Health Sector, Direct Selling, Church, Sporting, Retail & Fitness industries. Louise is engaged to speak to large companies on how to elevate sales & build a connected, courageous culture by rewiring the mind & redefining the way people think feel and behave. Strategic Advisor, Speaker, High Performance Coach Certified HBDI™ Practitioner, Neuro-flow Practitioner, Songwriter and Author - Identity Program Suite.