Many people think that being a singer or musician can allow them to live a high life. What they don’t know is that they have a hectic schedule to follow because of the recording sessions, music video shoots, and other events that they have to attend to grow their career. 

25-year-old independent singer-songwriter Shanny Ramsamy from the island of Mauritius in East Africa is no stranger to this fast-paced world. 

“I think burnouts come when trying to juggle too many things at once. Musicians are often running between live shows, press interviews, studio sessions, and music video shoots,” she said. 

Shanny is in the early stages of finding her sound but is more inclined to performing pop to R&B songs. She currently has a large following on her YouTube channel where she posts and promotes her songs for everyone to enjoy. 

Taking Time Into Her Own Hands 

One way that Shanny has been weathering out her schedule as a musician is by taking care of all that herself. While it allows her to do everything according to her own schedule, it does stress her out when she has to coordinate everything. 

“I would highly suggest working with at least one or two other people that you trust so that you can focus on what’s important, that is your art and your health, while they help take care of all the coordination,” she said. 

Other than that, Shanny also notes the importance of learning how to say no.  

“As musicians, we get so excited when it comes to new projects that we often forget if we actually have time for them or if they are priorities. It’s also super important to take a day off sometimes and to do things that are not related to music at all, I find that it keeps me sane,” she said. 

Learning And Growing 

Much like every other career, Shanny also faces obstacles as a musician. But she doesn’t see them as roadblocks to success, rather, she finds a great deal of learning and growth from these. 

“To me, the more difficulties I go through, the closer I get to my goal. I come from a background where no one has followed such an unconventional path before and I’m often told that I should keep music as a hobby. I’m pretty sure most artists have heard more than once during their careers and I have such respect for those who kept pushing,” she shared.

Shanny added that obstacles will always be present by she believes that every problem has a solution but one must have the courage and determination to look for it. 

Get to know more about Shanny Ramsamy through her Instagram account (@shanny_ramsamy).