New entrepreneurs need to think of strategies of making their businesses flourish past the numerous market challenges they face. There is no better way of weathering such turbulence that considering working with a business mentor. Working with a competent entrepreneurship mentor gives you a rare opportunity to benefit from his or her expertise and experience in the industry. Finding one, however, is an uphill task that can be simplified by considering the following recommendations.

Small Business Incubation Centres

These independent organizations offer upcoming entrepreneurs an opportunity to match with seasoned and successful business owners and managers. In the UK, one can utilize any of the 153 business incubation centres scattered across the country to find a suitable mentor.

Social Media

Social media is a great platform for professional networking. Using professional networking sites, including LinkedIn, can help you establish links with a professional business mentor. Building rapport with such a professional enables you to start-off your mentorship classes either online or in-person meetings.

Family and Friends

In case you have a circle of friends who have experience in business, especially in an area relevant to yours, then you may choose to utilize the opportunity and have them mentor you on your new business. This type of mentorship is one of the easiest to set up and work with as it is based on friendship and closeness.

Professional Events

There are certain professional events, such as industry conferences and expos, which bring together persons from different fields of business. Of the different attendees of such conferences may include professional business mentors with whom you may establish contacts and get some competent professional mentorship.

In addition, during such professional events, you may get a chance to find related businesses that may be willing to share some tips on how to successfully establish and run entrepreneurship.


You may also get a chance to connect with volunteers who may be willing to share insights relating to the field of entrepreneurship. These volunteers include individuals, such as retired business persons, whose wealth of experience may help you a lot. Others include students on internship programs, especially those whose career is in line with business mentorship.