Sometimes our trauma and our life experiences are so agonizing that it is hard to bear the thought of opening up to others to start a discussion and begin the process of healing. Oftentimes, we suffer in silence, holding back our tears and burying our past so deep down inside that we hope it will never see the light of day. Feeling like you are broken and alone is almost impossible to overcome yourself. 

Mental health advocate and entrepreneur Juliet Ramos has been helping women regain their voice and confidence through her platform BrokenGirl Unchained. The mission of BrokenGirl Unchained is “To enrich people by helping them find their own inner confidence and unchain themselves from their past trauma.”  BrokenGirl Unchained has been empowering women to share their own life hardships and personal stories to connect with one another to combat mental illness and find their inner “badass” self. 

Juliet founded BrokenGirl Unchained in 2018, which began as a blog site and blossomed into a podcast in 2019. Juliet emphasizes, “The BrokenGirl Unchained Blog & Podcast is for those people that need answers on healing from any trauma, divorce, narcissistic abuse, domestic abuse or simply giving those an ally on their own healing journey, while they are looking for answers, help, and support.” In her blog posts, Juliet is raw and honest. Her words flow effortless into the hearts of all those reading and connecting with her stories, “My stories are filled with broken pieces, terrible choices, ugly people and the truth. They are also filled with comebacks, peace and grace.” Juliet has learned and transformed herself in the journey to regain her own confidence and self-worth and she hopes to share that message with others. 

The BrokenGirl Podcast hosts anyone from celebrities to mental health professionals, to everyday people who share their stories. Some celebrities that the show has been associated with include: Sage Stevens, Natalie Rodriguez, Leah Martin Brown, and Neil D’Monte, just to name a few. By having such a diverse following and hosting a range of speakers, BrokenGirl is striving to give an equal voice to all. Juliet believes that sharing your traumatic stories can not only be cathartic for yourself, but it can also help to connect with other women who have been through similar experiences. 

BrokenGirl Unchained has soared in popularity since its beginning. Two of Juliet’s articles have been published in Healer’s Magazine and the podcast landed a spot on the top 100 podcasts on iHeart Radio. They are also taking their message and transformation experience live by offering photoshoots for women to embrace their confidence and move forward with the healing process. This voice has become a roar that will not be silenced and will only continue to grow the community of strong, independent, and empowered women. Within the next year, BrokenGirl hopes to establish workshops for women to further connect, learn, and grow to find their inner confidence. To become a part of the BrokenGirl family, you can visit the website at, or follow on Instagram at @Brokengirlunchainedpodcast. 

The future is bright for BrokenGirl and Juliet Ramos. By allowing women a platform to share their stories, these women are using storytelling to connect on a deeper level and form bonds to combat mental illness. When you know you are not alone in the world, life can sometimes seem a bit brighter. Not only does BrokenGirl give women a chance to connect with one another but it also gives them a chance to hear from the experts and people who have been through similar trauma in their own life and coping mechanisms that may help.

To feel like you don’t have a voice in this world, puts a damper on that spark that lives deep within your soul, BrokenGirl is helping women reclaim that voice and ignite the flames and passion for life that lives deep inside each of us. These women, that have been more empowered by the BrokenGirl voice, will not only go on to be stronger and share their stories with other women, but they will pass that message of strength and empowerment on to generations to come of “badass” women.