Caregiving is not for the faint-hearted. Interestingly though, when you walk into any caregiver center, you find these peaceful and seemingly harmless creatures whom you wonder where they get the strength to change adult diapers, to escort adults to the washrooms, to be called a thousand times when the elderly patient wants to pee or have you change the bed pillow position. All I would say is that we just somehow manage. But how?

Making the caregiver home a way from home for not only the patients but yourselves

Caregiving is a task that demands team work and a lot of community commitment. You have to speak in one voice, be united towards the course and everything else will fit into place snugly. When you are at loggerheads though, things will go back and even the patients will suffer.

Find fun activities to do with the patients

The patient is your new found friend and you will be spending so much time together that if you do not bond well, then you are going to have a hell of a time with them. I liked playing games, narrating stories as well as listening to them. Most are elderly and have some immense and honest perspectives in life which would be great if listened to and put into action.

Take an energy drink once in a while

You will be using up lots of energy in the caregiving job and you need to cut yourself some slack. Take an energy drink once in a while or buy kratom from this vendor which boosts your energy and keeps you in state of euphoria.

Have support groups

I am in a number of online and offline caregiver support groups and I am really glad that I joined them in the first place. Here we discuss, rant and say anything without any restrictions. From the support groups, you are able to share your problems and you will find that you are actually better off than other people.

Get enough rest

In caregiving, you need to be properly rested if you are to put in the works and the time required. Otherwise it will be very hard for you. Sleep enough because you will surely need it to relax the body and mind.


  • Trizah Wanja

    Trizah Wanja, Caregiver

    Trizah Wanja works as a palliative caregiver at a missionary hospice in Kenya where she is responsible for taking care of cancer and Parkinson's patients by encouraging them emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. She brings over 9 years of experience into hosiped.