Long gone are the days where the father goes to work while the women stay home. Nowadays, fathers are starting to struggle with balancing their work and personal life. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge. All it takes is a little effort and planning.

Continue reading to learn how to find a good work-life balance for dads.

Use Your Time at Home Wisely

Not every job is as demanding as some people may think. Fathers are given time to prepare and spend time with their children before rushing off to work. However, it’s their responsibility to learn how. If this means waking up earlier than usual, then so be it. Use the time you have wisely to read the paper, eat breakfast, watch a little TV or exercise.

Try Working From Home

We live in an era where technology has basically become a necessity for daily life. So, being able to work from home is not impossible. Granted, this does depend on what job the father has. But things are rapidly changing and many positions in different fields are remote these days. Being able to work from home not only gives fathers the freedom from some of the structure, you’re also able to spend time with your family more often.

Go on Paternity Leave

This is mainly for new fathers. It’s absolutely crucial that a child develops a bond with their parents during their infancy. And constantly being at work prevents that. In order to maintain a balance with life and work with newborns, fathers need paternity leave. In the past, very few companies and businesses offered this type of time-off. Nowadays, it’s in almost every job description.

Refrain From Using Technology

One of the reasons why many fathers feel like there’s no balance is because of technology. We did mention before that technology was necessary for daily life, however, it’s also what keeps us from spending time with family. In addition, technology also can keep fathers from doing any of their favorite hobbies and activities. Sure, cutting back on using technology may seem difficult at first, but with enough time and patience, it’ll become second-nature.

Being a dad means finding the delicate balance between work, play, and family. Find what works best for you and your family and never think that you need to do what other fathers are doing.

This blog was originally published on Michelin’s website.