Do you love what you do for work? Is your job worth the money? Does it mesh well with your personal life and beliefs? If you answered no to any of those questions then you probably aren’t enjoying your work day or your job entirely. It is a fact that there will always be areas of our job that inconvenience us or are hard on us mentally, BUT there are ways to keep the ship sailing even when there is a hole.

The first step to finding happiness in your work day is to make sure that your job is worth it to you. Make a list of pros and cons. Do you want to work weekends? A physical job? A job outside year-round in the elements? Is making money the only thing you care about? Do you want a part time job? Are you desperate for any sort of job? Pinpoint what is negotiable and non-negotiable. Answer these questions and do not apply to jobs that fit into your “non-negotiable” category. If you go against your own personal standards, then you will forever dread going to work, even if you’re making a lot of money.

Once you have found a job that is the best fit for you, you should already feel some relief and peace knowing that you’ve set a standard for yourself. You’ve found a job that checks the boxes that you’ve created. Like I mentioned above, there will never be a job that is 100% perfect. You know why? Because we are human.

So, how do you find happiness in your work day? Happiness starts and ends with you. Happiness is an approach, just as much as happiness is a feeling. Start your morning with a smile and greeting your colleagues. Tell yourself it’s going to be a great day. Tell someone else to have a great day. Do things at work that make you happy. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee or having your favorite music playing. Try to personalize your workspace as much as you’re allowed to. Display a photo of a loved one or use your favorite pen that writes just right. Pack yourself a delicious lunch with foods that you love and enjoy eating so you can look forward to it all morning. Heck, go out to lunch if you feel compelled. Stay positive and keep a smile on your face.

Stay away from negativity and gossip around the office- it will keep you level headed. Feel free to laugh and be yourself while you work hard. Engage with your customers and colleagues. Make them smile. Have meaningful conversations with them. The more positive relationships you build, the more you’ll look forward to seeing them which sets the following days up for happiness, too!

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