Has anyone noticed it is harder to have a sense of routine in 2020? Lately, it seems much easier said than done to be on top of things.

Over the past few months, I have seen some of the brightest and busiest people I know find themselves in a rut.

The pandemic has instilled anxiety in the simplest of things: going to get coffee, picking up groceries or a simple Target run. But, in a lot of ways breaking my routine has been a way to reconnect to so many things, too.

Prior to this pandemic, I had integrated several ‘new’ practices in my day-to-day life that have helped immensely with growing both professionally and personally. It seems fitting to share these now, as more and more people are looking for inspiration during these challenging times; here are 5 things to help you find inspiration:

  1. Go for a walk. It sounds like equivalent of telling a child to ‘eat your vegetables’ however, I swear by the calm that happens in just a 30 min walk outside. If you aren’t motivated to go alone, take an iced coffee and a friend along and get moving.
  2. Practice gratitude. What does it mean to practice it? For everyone it looks different, for me it is recording those blessings down by journaling and recognizing thanks day by day.
  3. Pump up the tunes! We haven’t been to a live concert in a long time? But, if you put on the live version of your favorites on YouTube it can make all the difference.
  4. Drink water immediately when you wake up. If you do, you’ll notice yourself become less groggy in the morning and need less caffeine throughout the day, too.
  5. Cook more at home! There’s three boxed meal service companies, for every one baristas… these days, it seems. In all seriousness, I’ve tried a bunch and haven’t disliked a single one. Learn new recipes and save money, time and thinking by trying a home boxed meal kit. They seriously are worth all the hype!

When I take time for these things, my weeks are much brighter. Don’t forget to call and check-in on your loved ones, too. Sometimes just hearing a familiar voice can be encouraging as we all navigate being more digital than ever right now.

The best inspiration comes from escaping the comfort zone of busy and routine. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught me so far, it is that inspiration comes from infinite places, if we are aware of what is right in front of us every single day.

Do the little things that seem simple, while embracing not being as busy. Find the inspiration and take on all your imagination dreams! You may impact your circle, community and family in ways you never expected to prior to breaking routines.

What inspires you? How do you get out of a ‘rut’ whether in your personal or professional lives?


  • Alyce Peterson

    Digital Media, Board Member, Communications Professional,

    Board Member & Membership Director at AIGA Wisconsin

    Currently, I'm a Digital Media Strategist for a Top 25 Global Fortune 500 company in Milwaukee, WI. Also, I volunteer with a neurodiversity non-profit and serve on a volunteer board as Membership Director. For the last several years, I've owned my own photography business. In which time, I've been published on Google's Instagram, Getty Images iStock, various publications, and more.