For a healthy 30 something you really aren’t that healthy

My General Practice doctor for 7 years

I struggled with my health for 20 years, starting when I was 18 is when I first noticed stomach aches every time I ate and pain during sex. Soon after that I became depressed and more and more symptoms started to pile up. I’d go into my doctor and they would say “you’re fine, all your labs look normal” and send me on my way with either OTC medication, a prescription and in 3 cases, surgery! From the age of 18 to 38 I struggled with all of these symptoms, all overlapping, never completely going away, just masked by pharmaceuticals

I was depressed, defeated, overwhelmed and lost. I knew I was “sick” but I didn’t know with what and my doctors just kept telling me “you’re fine” despite seeing proof of all of the symptoms I was complaining about. I was alone with no one to advocate for me so for 20 years I went on living a very poor quality of life, barely getting by, because exhausted all the time.

Finally in 2018 a breakup made me realize I had to start taking my health into my own hands. I could no longer settle for the status quo and being told I was fine when I knew I wasn’t. What I knew for sure was conventional medicine wasn’t working for me.

I started trying everything, I completely changed my diet, trying new mental health modalities, started cold water, red light and infrared sauna, got on a supplement regime, cleaned up my personal hygiene and home cleaning products and the list goes on and on. I worked on every area of my lifestyle to optimize it as much as possible, remove toxins from my life (including toxic people) and within 1 year I started feeling better, within 3 years, almost all of my symptoms are gone.

It didn’t matter that people thought, if this was “woo woo” or that there’s no “science” to back this up. What I know for sure is 20 years of conventional US medicine didn’t work for me and all of my lifestyle changes did. After being at my very lowest and now coming out on the other end, I’ve found meaning and purpose in my health struggles. My mission is to help other people who are feeling lost, overwhelmed and defeated in their health journey because everything they’ve tried hasn’t worked. I’m determined to guide people to solutions and take the overwhelm out of the wellness space, making it more accessible for everyone who wants to, find lifestyle solutions to get optimal health and finally live the fulfilling life they deserve.