Adam K Veron

The world is gradually becoming contempt with living with this pandemic. Due to the fact that medical fraternities haveyet to come up with a definite cure that will help gradually flatten the curve, the world seems to have adopted the life style that came with the pandemic. Recently, people seem to expressa nervous, palpable, and vulnerable energy. Accounts of panic attacks as well as anxiety attacks have been increasing with every passing day. The relevance of mental wellness is more prominent now than ever. In order to survive, people need to derive simple ways to stay calm, balanced, and peaceful. 

What does Adam K Vernon have to say?

Remaining calm in a testing time is challenging, but not impossible. Adam K Veron, a mental health wellness enthusiast, shares some useful tips to regain inner peace and tranquility. The easy tactics to follow are:

  1. Indulge in self-talk for 10 minutes a day

No one can understand you or your mind as well as you do! The best counselors and therapists can guide you towards becoming mentally calm by utilizing external factors. The new age holistic healers have been encouraging self-talk during crises and challenging times. You can start to have a conversation with yourself by asking simple, direct questions like:

  • How am I feeling now?
  • Why am I feeling like this?
  • Have I felt like this before?
  • What helps me feel better?
  • Do I enjoy any activities that instantly lifts my mood?

Analyze your answers, side with your initial feelings and you can start feeling better. Holistic healers and counselors encourage self-talk to establish a connection with oneself and attain a sense of inner grounding that can eradicate feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and panic.

  • Read and see what gives you hope and courage

Though, keeping updated with the news as it pertains to the virus is essential, it might ruin your inner peace. Feeling better and calm is consideredimperative to maintaining mental wellness. You can start by reading books and watching videos that induce a “feel-good factor” and make you think positively. Deciding to read books like “Conversations with God” or “A new Earth” will help you think and act positively. You can binge-watch your favorite movies and music videos that help you feel better and light-hearted. Watching comedy shows is therapeutic as it helps to reduce tension and decrease down the blood pressure. 

  • Meditate, exercise, and take up fun challenges

Immunity is considered to be a huge necessity, especially during these times. Any form of exercise or brisk walking enhances your core immunity. Take time out to exercise or perhaps even take a walk in nature. If you have to stay indoors, consider partaking in yoga and Pilates. Panic can cause negative alterations to your immune system.Meditation helps to release stress hormones and bring down the body’s cortisol level. Meditate daily to reduce fear and increase your immunity.

Furthermore, it is necessary to incorporate fun elements in your life and even indulge in the happy and light-hearted challenges available online. For instance, you can partake in challenges such as the “30-day Happiness and Health challenge” and commit to the easy and fun tasks. This is one way to create a positive vibe and create life-supporting change in your life.

These guidelines will help you sail through these challenging times. You can add your modifications to the guidelines as well and follow what’s easy for you.