Serenity is an ever-elusive concept for many of us. It’s a word we may hear often from other people and those giving us advice, but to truly achieve it is another thing entirely. Life is hard and sometimes the only goal is to survive the day-to-day, let alone contemplate any kind of serenity. Maybe we have been too busy in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives to even consider it an option. Maybe circumstances outside of our control have left us unable to find our footing. Whatever the reason, taking the time for ourselves is vital to ensuring we are being our best selves in both the present and future.

When we think of serenity, I think we all have a different vision of what it is and that is okay. We are all different and how we view the world is too, which is a good thing. It would be a more boring life to be exactly like everyone else. But, while our ideas of serenity may differ, it is still important to understand what it means to us individually.

Below, I list my best advice on how to recognize what our specific idea of serenity is and how to take the time to nurture ourselves by prioritizing it. To read more about my work, please visit my website, Amra & Elma influencer marketing agency and pr services agency, or follow me on Instagram.

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  1. Taking the time to simply clear our minds is an important part of the process. When we clear our minds of all the excess, we can truly see what remains in our hearts. It gives us the opportunity to find our inner happiness and see how that manifests for us as individuals. Often, when we look inward, we can discover what is truly important to us and that is where we can find the answer about where our serenity lies.
  1. Once we’ve arrived at this point, we can recognize these truths. Beneath all the chaos is where we will encounter the one place where we know we feel at peace, the kind of peace that can’t be manufactured. It may be found in private moments or with those we love or by doing the things that genuinely brighten our day. No matter what it is, seeing and acknowledging it is crucial to making more room for it in our life.
  1. When we know where we find ourselves at our best, we can ensure we are coordinating our schedules to accommodate it. It isn’t enough to simply realize where we find our serenity. We need to actively be integrating it into our lives. We all need moments to rest and recharge, and knowing where our serenity is will remind us of where we NEED to be when stress and anxiety have overcome us.
  1. A found sense of serenity is something that should always be prioritized. It is a part of taking care of our own mental health. We can forget that the first step toward success is taking care of ourselves. Without being considerate of ourselves, it is impossible to put our best foot forward. If we refuse to listen to our bodies and the limitations they set, it can lead to unsavory consequences for us in the long run.

Through all of this, we may find our serenity in a number of  unusual places, even in some we hadn’t particularly thought of before. Our goal from there onward is to consider where we can find spare moments to embrace where we feel the most at ease in a hectic world of obligations and responsibilities. Finding and maintaining our serenity should continue to be factored into our planning for every new day.