When the glimmer of hope seems lost, our sense of humor begins to fade.

I began to wonder when was the last time that I laughed. Not in a casual sense, but in the gut-wrenching, make you cry type of laugh. Sadly, I can’t recall. This made me think.. if our sense of humor has become lost, what does humanity turn to for relief? Will the negativity become too much to bare for some, while others are left feeling empty inside?

This realization became something that I wanted to investigate. I looked to my children for insight, the closest and happiest people in my world. If they couldn’t find a reason to laugh, could anyone?

It all became clear in a very short time. Children can make the darkest times seem bright! Their concept of reality is quite different than ours, which I find absolutely magnificent. If we all tapped into our child-like tendencies and treated the world like the cloud shaped, flower covered, breathtaking place that it is, we could all live more peacefully.

We are living in a historic time of change. Our normal lives have been challenged and deemed unhealthy. We are made to find a new normal. But for some reason, I have to think: maybe its not that bad.

Outside of the limitations and unforeseeable change coming, we are given an opportunity to find the beauty in the simple things of life.

When I look at the faces of my children, I smile. As I placed myself in the moment of being with my family, I realized that I had been missing the little things that I should cherish the most. Their little giggles, their sweet voices, their tender little hands in mine; those are what make me smile.

Our beliefs are our only limitations. Just as Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – You’re right”. Such a profound statement.

If given the opportunity to create a new beginning, would you? Even in our darkest hour, we have the innate ability to create a peace within ourselves to forever change our future. As inspiration strikes, an artist creates. The same goes for each and every person. If you can envision it, you can create it. Allow your light to shine into the world for the lost to find hope. A beacon of transformation, love and gratitude will be the change that our world seeks.

We all have a purpose; we all have a dream. Breathe yours like the purest air and begin living the life you desire with a smile on your face because believe it or not, you were born for happily ever after!