Volunteering your time to help a cause you care about can be an enriching experience. Before you get started, it’s important to determine just how much time you’ll consistently have to focus on your charitable efforts. Once you set aside specific blocks of time, you can focus on determining what organization you want to work with as a volunteer.

Choosing the Right Type of Opportunity

The first step is to decide what type of situation you want as a volunteer. If you’re a more sociable person, you may want to get involved in local organizations. This will provide you with opportunities to meet those the charity attempts to help, allowing you to see the progress you’re helping to create. If you prefer to work behind the scenes, you may want to work with a large national, or international, charity. You may be able to work solely online and at your own pace, while still contributing to the cause.

Start With the Basics

Once you have a better idea of the kind of position you’re looking for, you can begin networking. Try reaching out to the alumni boards at your former schools to find out if they can recommend any charities or non-profit organizations in need of volunteers. Similarly, inquire with the religious organizations based in your community. They may know of volunteer opportunities within your field of interest, which aren’t advertised as openly paid job openings.

Search Online

If you haven’t found anything, or if you’re really invested in the idea of volunteering from home, you can turn your search to the internet. There are countless organizations that operate online and focus on matching volunteers with charities in need. A brief online search can lead you to the ideal volunteer opportunity that matches your interests and your availability. You can use many sites to help you pinpoint an organization by location, interests, and other criteria that are important to you.

Once you find an organization that appeals to you, it’s important to set up an interview. This allows you to ensure the organization is everything you believe it to be while allowing the organization’s managers to get to know you. This will help you match up with a charity and cause that will excite you and lead you to have many rewarding experiences.



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