We can laugh, cry or scream about this year or we can become grateful and wise through these times.

It’s the end of 2020! 

“Thank God!,” most people say believing this was the worst year ever. Yes, it has been a year of astonishing events that have pushed us all to our limits. But do we want this entire year to be like a missing page in a found captain’s log on a sunken ship?

“My crew had just experienced the virus…” Do you really want to forget about this entire year and never return back to your captain’s log?

For as many events and trials that we have experienced this year, we have gained just as much wisdom and strength.

Are there gifts and gratitudes you’ve experienced this year that have changed your life and your relationships so much that you would never want to trade them away? 

I would never want to trade…

  • The many hours I gained to complete my book because I had fewer clients.
  • The many corporate mindfulness Lunch & Learns I’ve presented because I needed less time for individual clients.
  • Mastering my manifestation techniques when I didn’t know where next month’s rent would come from.
  • The cultural movie foundation I’ve given my children because they weren’t allowed to go out and all the gained points of reference and jokes we now share.
  • How much healthier my hair is because I don’t wash it everyday.
  • The deeper connection I have with myself and the wisdom I’ve gained in sorting “my stuff” out in the quiet of my own home.

I would literally not trade any of these blessings that I’ve experienced this year and they would not have come in if I had continued on my 2019 trajectory. 

I needed 2020 to bring in some significant changes into my life and to change the way I was doing, working, living, being.

The Universe knows your desires and knows the fastest way to get them to arrive in your life. 

Can you see where the Universe may have been helping you out this year to help you achieve your deepest desires?

Can you examine how 2020 may have helped to shift your thoughts, routines and perspectives for the better?

What gifts of 2020 would you never trade away?

We can look for the crazy in things or we can look for the gift.

During this season of gift giving, pause and reflect on the many unique gifts 2020 has brought into your life that have become so life-changing and meaningful that you would never want them traded away.

Photo by Jackie S on Unsplash