As we witness our uncertain times and a world in crisis with institutions crumbling and environmental threats mounting, it’s time to take stock of our reality. 

A massive change is upon us.

The two areas that need our particular focus and intentionality in regards to change are:

  • System change
  • Transformation of the individual leader

The system won’t be changed unless we have leaders with a different way of thinking from the thinking which created the present system. That’s what Einstein told us.

We need sane leaders. 

Don’t we all want to hold onto our sanity in this crazy world? Be sane Leaders? Sane Entrepreneurs? Sane parents? Sane people? I know I do.

But from what I’m hearing, too many people are exhausted. Their energy and vibrancy are waning, and hopelessness is rising

This morning I came across an interview with a documentary filmmaker who claims that we undoubtedly live in a crazy world. 

Our ancestors might have said the same, except we have never had 7.7 billion people living on the planet before, and we have never had the speed and demands of technology as we have today. If you are trying to stay sane, it’s not always so easy.

And now, with the holiday season approaching, it’s likely that stress and anxiety will kick in as it so often does. Too many people find this time of year challenging even though it’s supposed to bring us closer to family and celebration.

Here is the thing. We can be proactive and learn to be steadfast in crisis and lead ourselves through tough times. We can cultivate our sanity. That’s becoming a requirement for present-day leadership and flourishing in these unprecedented times. 

We can take charge of our self-leadership and learn how to manage our energy, avoid overwhelm, and respond calmly to a stressful situation instead of reacting on autopilot.

When we commit to doing that inner work we are bidding for power. Our own power. And once we have mastered it we have access to our power —  TRUE Power!

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    Rúna Bouius is a former CEO and serial entrepreneur from Iceland and the founder of the True Power Institute. She is a speaker, author, executive coach, and consultant to visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and people of influence. She is on the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, the creation of better workplaces, and developing the emerging leaders.