YEP! It’s true. Especially in the gym. Scientifically speaking, swearing is very beneficial for you. The effects, according to the Times, they are pulse quickeners, memory sharpeners and pain killers, no joke. Even thought there is a stigma of cursing being seen as slightly uneducated or rude and untrustworthy, the fact is that it may benefit us with releasing frustrated and pain. Recent research has also largely squashed the premise that swearing is necessarily a function of low class or lack of education and language articulation. On the contrary, cursing is a sign of intelligence. Disagree or not, it may be linked to a higher IQ. There is even evidence that swearing uses a totally different portion of our brains than regular vocabulary. It also allows us to express anger, disgust or pain, or indicate to someone that they need to back off, without having to resort to physical violence.

According to BBC, “In a series of studies, Stephens and his colleagues illustrated how swearing can increase tolerance to pain. Students who repeated a curse word were able to keep their hand in a bucket of ice water longer than those who uttered a neutral word.”

There is also evidence that those who swear tend to lie less and have more integrity, which I can validate as I am not into the lying habit nor do I like it. I tend to swear to get my honest point across, (of course dependent on the discourse). The physical benefits of swearing include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control and well-being.

Although I personally am trying to cut back on swearing, I am going to go with the notion that I’m a more honest, happier, intelligent, calmer individual. 

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