Despite the rapid changes that affect the future of social networks, the Marketing agencies has announced what will be the most important social media trends in 2020. In order to “be able to advise in the best way how to plan marketing campaigns online for next year.

1.- Instagram stories, for companies

The stories of Instagram are increasingly important for companies. The objective of social networks is that entities can tell their story and stories become the best vehicle for it.

In fact, they already serve as a channel for users to contact a business on Instagram and finally end up on their website . However, it seems that a new feature appears every day in stories that allows users to interact with a brand in new ways. Today companies can even add their own gifs to the platform .

There are all kinds of features to take advantage of in stories, including posts that redirect to online stores or surveys to ask followers what type of content they would like to see so that it is relevant and personalized . In 2020, Lewis predicts that there will be ” more functionalities available and that companies that do not use them to their full potential will lag behind those that do.”

2.- More electronic commerce in social networks

Users have more options than ever to complete their purchases from their mobile devices , and in 2020 it would not be a surprise to see more features to buy on social networks : “It is as if these large channels have seen the success of focused Instagram campaigns in B2B that allowed them to complete forms and email subscriptions without having to leave the platforms, and decided to replicate these tactics to make purchases in the B2C field . ”

For this reason, they estimate that “in the next three to five years, shopping through social networks will help to close the gap between browsing on mobile phones and buying on computers . Social media is likely to be the missing link that will help propel mobile shopping to new heights. It will be crucial for companies to monitor their mobile sales routes and identify areas for improvement on their social platforms and mobile sites property news Pakistan . ”

3.- Companies, in Facebook groups

We’ve heard it a thousand times: Due to the platform’s algorithms, organic social reach is declining, especially on Facebook . While this may be daunting for companies, it does not mean that their organic social strategy should be abandoned in 2020, it just needs to be adapted.

The change in Facebook strategy caused a rebound in the number of posts in the groups , virtual communities that allow users to connect based on their interests, tastes, geographic location, etc. The algorithm favors these posts , so if brands want more organic reach to connect with their audience they should invest in this strategy. Also bearing in mind that if people are actively choosing to be a member of these communities they are already committed to specific content by default .

From Lewis they assure that “this is a great opportunity not only for brands to reach the people who really want to know about them, but also to interact with them . Companies can even discover brand ambassadors or advocates . “

4.- Follow young people in new networks

Now that social media has been around for a while, some of the platforms are starting to age with their users . If marketers are trying to reach a younger target audience, they will have to explore new platforms and create new content that meets their needs.

One that marketers should pay attention to in 2020 is TikTok . The Z Generation has taken by assault this application of short mobile videos. With the majority of its active users under the age of 24, it is a prime location to attract younger customers . As with any social network, it will be crucial for marketers to fully understand the type of content being shared and to align their strategy accordingly. In the case of TikTok , unique and original video content is king .

5.- Location based ads

Given that most people have at least one GPS device at all times, the targeting of social media by location is chillingly accurate and generally relevant. Location targeting in social ads is nothing new, but as people spend more time each day on their mobiles and the location tracking features of those devices improve, we’ll see more of these types of ads.

When people queue or are waiting to catch a flight, they often use their phones to pass the time. They even do it when they’re in the middle of an active task like shopping. Most likely, they are reviewing your social profiles. Brands can take the opportunity to show them an advertisement for something for sale at that grocery store they are already walking through. Or go to them with a hotel discount for the city they just flew to or just returned from. Many are already doing it and more will do so in 2020.


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