Gifts are a symbol of love, happiness and celebration. They are a universal way to show gratitude, interest and to strengthen a bond, also acting as a demonstration of someone’s feelings or be used as a meaningful gesture towards someone we value. Giving this value to employees is just as important as giving it to our loved ones. Employees feeling valued is the first step to having an engaged and trustworthyworkforce.This pandemic has caused a lot of dissatisfaction, discomfort and sadness among employees with such turmoil, chaos and the loss of loved ones.

Companies used to have recreational retreats and team building activities outside the office to release stress and help employees refuel. But since, these times have limited organisations to do so; gifts that influence their lifestyle and show that their company cares about them are priceless and could mean a lot in the long run.

There are more than a few ways to gift your staff, talking about some gift ideas:

A basket of health: Health is the most important aspect when it comes to productivity for any human and a basket filled with veggies, sweets, chocolates or any pantry staples is a beautiful and subtle way to send some love towards employees. And to let them know their health takes first priority over everything.

Family games: Family means everything to an individual, especially in these times. Anything that brings a family together is important to an individual. Games are not only engaging but bring out teamwork and friendly competition. Sending games that a family can enjoy together can be a really thoughtful gift (be it board or card games), as from the employees perspective the company is thinking about their family too. Epically Money is a good example of a card game based on how to wisely spend money and can teach children how to do the same.

Personalised gifts: Gifts having someone’s name on it automatically enhances the chances of them liking it and appreciating the gesture. Having the thought of someone viewing you as important enough to mention you is a boost in confidence and overall morale. These gifts demonstrate how much an employee means to the organisation and how that their individuality is cherished.

Comfort: How comfortable someone is, is a big factor in how they work. To make sure they are in their comfort zone by gifting them with something that eases their mind is a sure-shot way to uplift their mood to contribute. A gift like a laptop accessory like a wire organiser or a workstation goes a long way towards helping build trust and letting employees know that companies are thinking about them actively. Employees, at times might struggle with space when working from home and a compact workstation might just be what they need to fit it in any corner of their abodes.

Exercising arena: Exercise is part of a lot of individuals’ routines. It helps them blow off steam and to release stress. Gifting employees with a yoga mat, jump rope or resistance bands is a creative way to show that you care for your employees and their mental peace and respect a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

Since times are changing, we need to adapt to these changes and demonstrate how progressive companies do things by giving their employees these new kinds of gifts. Easy gifts like coffee mugs, pens, bottles or even COVID related gifts are running out of style, for people have enough of them already; be it gifted by someone or they themselves buy the same.

Organisations are focusing on nurturing employees’ spirit and these are a few ways they can tap into the market of awards and recognition and further innovate and appreciate their team. Uplifting the emotional health and work morale of the employees, they can be the turning point of their professional lives and aid them in reaching new heights while boosting companies efficiency and success simultaneously.