A new year rings in! The online world collectively agrees on making 2019 much better for ourselves. There is a wish to energize and turn our lives around. But, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t require plastering your room with mood boards, motivational posters or elaborate new-habits lists. It mostly requires discipline. It’s about small-scale, yet important changes to your daily life before even trying to tackle more complex issues. In order to become more motivated, more productive, a better version of yourself, you’ll have to try and adopt a new set of rituals. These are our five favourites.

Ritual #1: Start your day early

Trust us on this one. Numerous video testimonials from both ordinary and famous people swear getting up at 5 or 6 AM has significantly changed their lives. However, this type of ritual is still grossly unpopular among the masses. Modern day man is grounded in the idea that being a night owl is much more productive, while the truth is actually the opposite. Going to bed early and rising early resets the body and mind, which helps you tackle tasks much easier and faster. At first it can be difficult, as with all healthy habits. But after a week or two, you’ll start noticing big changes.

Ritual #2: Take care of YOU first

Rising early gives you an opportunity to take care of yourself first. It’s usually advised to start your day slowly. Don’t try to jump out of your bed and take a shot of triple espresso. Take a little time to stretch, get up slowly, and go about your morning routine with an easy pace. Even as an employed parent, you need to find a way to take care of yourself first thing in the morning. That way, you’ll be more energized and calmer before the true daily rush.

Ritual #3: Count your blessings

Normally, counting your blessings is done at the end of the day. You write down or devote a few moments of thought to what you’re thankful for. However, to start your day with the right mindset, go over the events of the past day, week or month. Focus on your goals, and on the positive moments that have happened. This not only preserves them in your memory, but also keeps them from getting lost in the fray of negativity, and reminds you of why you even get up and face every new day. It’s a healthy five-minute ritual that can make a monumental change in how you view life.

Ritual #4: Practice mindfulness

Before you go about your business every morning, try to focus on, for example, how you make your first pot of that delicious black coffee: take in the scent as you fill the filter, watch the pot as it brews the drink, and listen to the buzz of your sleek, new coffee machine. This is mindfulness. It’s the act of focusing all your attention to what you’re doing at the moment. It’s commonly advised for people who suffer from detachment caused by depression or anxiety, but everyone could use a little mindfulness in their day. It helps keep you grounded, in the moment, and refocuses your mind. Consider it like a reset button for your brain.

Ritual #5: Write a journal

Notoriously famous throughout history, journaling has been seen as a Pinterest fad in the past few years, but recently got traction again. Frustrations, problems, and fears tend to pile up. Professional help doesn’t always work, let alone conversations with friends and family. Sometimes the best conversation to have is with ourselves, which is why journaling can be so good for the mind and soul. Writing down a few sentences to a full page every morning can set you at ease for the whole day. You can log your tasks, goals, and desires, note your achievements and emotions. Summing up your expectations for the day can do wonders.


What you want to do is be realistic with yourself. We tend to be afraid of seeming too weak, so we overshoot our goals, expecting too much of ourselves. But there is a constant reminder everywhere around us that it’s the little things that make a world of difference. Changing just a few tiny details in your morning routine can make your life a million times better. And that’s a guarantee.