Have you ever met someone who seems like they are always happy? They always have a big smile on their face and you’re not sure if they’ve ever felt a negative emotion in their lives. These people are considered “happy people.” They feel the emotion more freely than others. This isn’t to say that those people never get hurt, or feel sad, but most of the time, they’re happy. For some, it’s in their genes. For others, it’s because of the way that they live. To better understand what makes these people smile so often, we’re going to dissect their lives and find out what habits make happy people happy.

1. They Admire Their Own Lifestyle

The first thing that these people do is that they admire their own lifestyles. They don’t live perfectly but they do love the way that they live. Happy people aren’t looking at their neighbors and wishing that they had something else. They don’t feel bad about themselves, their actions, or their choices. The best way to be it is that they’re proud of the things that they’re doing and the way that they live. To mimic them, try to find the things in your lifestyle that are causing you to doubt yourself. If your health is holding you back, you might want to consider doing a health program with Le-Vel Thrive to jumpstart your journey to happiness. If your struggling with addiction, find help through an addiction hotline or an addiction therapy center. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with, find a way to be proud of yourself.

2. Find Something to Believe In

Happy people always have something that they believe in. This doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily spiritual; they have just found something beyond themselves that they feel like they connect to. People are the type of beings who need to believe in something in order to be fully happy. Find something that shows who you are and something that you can put your faith into. Luck? Fate? Karma? God? Success? Hard work? Some people carry around a photo of a loved one and make them the reason that they do good. What you believe in will help to determine how happy you are in your normal life. Have something that you can rely on when you can’t stand on your own. Something that will be there when everything else has abandoned you.

3. They Don’t Hold Grudges

Most people are offended at some point throughout their lives. However, those who maintain a positive and happy outlook on life don’t allow those offenses to taint the rest of their day. They let the grudge slide off their backs. There’s a common saying that goes, “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Don’t hold a grudge because it will just taint your own life and do nothing to the other person. Instead, let yourself love the people around you and you’ll find that you’ll spend your days much happier.  

4. They Celebrate Other’s Successes

This habit is more difficult than you might think. People always want what is best for themselves–we try to get promoted, we work hard, we try to look our best. So when someone else gets the reward when we feel like we did the same amount of work, we get upset. The problem is that this can ruin relationships and make everyday life more difficult. Habit people have made it a habit to celebrate when others have success. They realize that nothing happens when they’re upset, so instead, they strengthen their relationships with those who are achieving great things.


Happiness is not a switch that you can turn on and off. You don’t just become happy overnight. Happiness comes from a lifestyle of good choices and positive influences. People who are happy are those who take the time to talk to their neighbors. They serve at the local homeless shelter. They do their best to be the best person that they can be. Happy people have happy habits.