Hello and welcome to my first LinkedIn newsletter! This week’s edition of the newsletter is centered on five healthy habits to empower our lives. Each little habit we can add to our daily routine allows us to be more present and alive!

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It may take a few months for a person to form a new habit. This means that conscious effort is needed at first but then it becomes… well, a force of habit. By building these habits we can make it easier to achieve our goals, whatever they may be. But you’ve got to direct your energy in those earlier months to form effective habits. Here are five habits you should consider. 

1. Schedule time to work on your goals 

It can be all too easy to get to the end of the day and want to switch off. It is easier to do anything when you don’t have a schedule or plans. But that can stand in the way of reaching your objectives. The first step is committing to working on your goals. By scheduling time, you take the decision-making out of the process. Setting time aside in your calendar with a reminder will help you to start working on your goals.  

2. Find time for yourself 

Burnout is all too prevalent. If you spend too much time on work, whether for your employer or for your own goals, you could be setting yourself up to fail. Take time to relax with friends, family or just by yourself. You’ll come back refreshed and with a renewed focus that will invigorate you.  

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3. Surround yourself with people who respect your goals 

We need the support of friends and family regardless of what our aims are. It can be hard, perhaps impossible, to achieve them, if the people surrounding us don’t agree with our goals or think they are not worth pursuing. Open and honest conversation can help you both clarify what you are working towards as well as give you ideas about how to fulfill your goals. It’ll also let those people around you know what they can do to help you. Important people in your life will want to help out anyway, so this is an important step in achieving your objectives. 

4. Review your vision board daily  

Using a vision board is productive in focusing on your goals and giving you the motivation to keep on plugging away at them. Once you’ve created a vision board, set time aside every day to study and review it. A good tool can only help if you use it. Making a habit of reviewing your vision board can be easily achieved. Just make sure to do it at the same time every day. It doesn’t have to be for long, even a few minutes every day adds up. 

5. Evaluate your progress 

Being honest with yourself helps in every part of your life. We need to look at what you are doing, what you are aiming for, and how successful you are so that you eventually achieve your goals. It can be hard to acknowledge that something isn’t working or that you’ve been working towards a goal you now no longer want to achieve. But honesty is the first step in fixing things and modifying your goals. And when you evaluate how we are doing and are proud of how far you’ve come, that makes all the effort worthwhile.  

Make these habits part of your daily routine and watch your life and career take off! 

Wishing you happiness, health, and success!