You are designed for growth and expansion.

Growth connotes increase, something bigger, broader and better, it is not merely a great notion to casually reference but one that is natural and necessary.

Growth occurs in phases and in your career, business, life, it can be initiated with a decision. However, don’t forget that the success or failure of any growth effort is hinged upon acting expediently and applying focus and consitency.

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So if you have been thinking about expansion, here are the five areas you must consider – 

1. EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE – Seek out information, refuse to settle for the superficial. Read books, listen to podcasts, cross-check and fact-check the information you absorb especially from reputable sources. 

2. EXPAND YOUR VISION – Become methodical with your eyes, look and validate what you see. The power and beauty of vision lies in its ability to pull upward, inward and onward. With vision, you can reframe the obvious, and elevate the mundane. Start looking to see what is going on around you.

3. EXPAND YOUR PERSPECTIVE – As social beings, we gravitate towards clusters in relationships. Our circles if left unchecked, will reflect our comfort zones with people just like us in thinking and affinities. It’s natural, don’t beat yourself up but I want you expand your perspective so you can ‘see’ differently. You can start with books as they are powerful tools to challenge and inform from a safe place but I hope you will seek out opportunities to hear and engage others outside your comfort zone.

4. EXPAND YOUR REACH – In reach, I want this to go beyond the usual and let me challenge you to see your reach as those within your sphere of influence. How are you engaging them beyond the norm? Are they being impacted to become greater?

5. EXPAND YOUR INFLUENCE – Lastly, we live in a world of influencers, those who have elevated the voices beyond a certain level. These influencers who use their reach to recommend products, and services. Rather than dismiss influence, explore how you can offer whatever you have to the world. The question to ask is what do you have to offer your world and why should anyone care? What uniqueness do you have and use? Discover ways you can use what you have, who you know to make this world a better place.

In a way, this is how you earn your keep! I know this much, growing up is ‘nice’ and challenging but worth it. So deal with it!

Dr. Flo

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