Here are the Five Principles of Success you have been looking for. Sales, business, self-help, health, relationships, finances, career, and spirituality.

Know Your Outcome 

Knowing your outcome is connecting with your purpose and seeing your highest vision of yourself so that your outcome will be so inspiring that motivation and determination are just a side effect. Knowing your outcome is about seeing, hearing, feeling, the result now, and taking those sensory inputs from the future and accessing them today. You may find that when you carry these sights, sounds, and feelings from your highest vision of yourself, you stay inspired, determined, and nothing will change the outcome. Knowing your outcome is more complicated than just writing it down. You can easily visualize, meditate, and bring in divine energy to give this outcome life energy. When an outcome is nurtured into existence, this is real spiritual alchemy. An outcome only comes to life when you have clarity, certainty, and a gut feeling. Clarity comes from a knowing deep down that the mission is for the highest good for all. The way you find clarity is through journaling, meditating, asking the universe for guidance, and deep self-reflection until a spark lights a fire in your heart center that carries a fierce passion that is impossible to extinguish. 

Take Action

Taking action is simple when you have clarity on your outcome. You may discover that taking time to breathe deep and rewinding the picture of your outcome all the way to now, you will see the step by step plan that got you to the outcome. It is essential to build a step by step plan that can be broken down into a daily routine. It is important to take action through daily steps that move you toward your goals. These goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have a timeline. SMART goals create the foundation of success, and achieving that success is done by taking action.


Aware of what’s happening around you is critical because awareness brings insight. Insight shines a light on progress or setbacks and creates solutions out of a struggle. Knowledge of situations around the goal, but most of all, the deeper levels of the self are important. Knowing how you are thinking, feeling, and acting is the awareness that precipitates massive results because once you know yourself on a deeper level, you can adapt. 


Adapting is changing to an ever-changing dynamic situation that moves like eddies in a river. Staying in one place in the middle of the river is resisting the chance to flow in the direction of easy success. A boulder is either rolled out of the way or dissolved by the persistent current of a river. Success is only possible when you are flowing in a current of soul purpose that rides the waves of deep fulfillment. 

Psychology Excellence 

The phycology of excellence is the next step in flexibility because excellence is easily attained with the persistence of crashing waves on a beach. Becoming excellent is a process with highs and lows, trial and error, and never giving up. Just like waves in the ocean crashing on land, there are times of significant effort and accomplishment. Triumph, wins, and success. When the tide recedes back into the source, the sand exposes all the imperfections of the beach. You can see where the seawater didn’t grind the sand perfectly. With the water receded all the way out, the failures are brought to the surface, and maximum flexibility is applied by the effort of the next wave and the next wave until tiny rocks are smashed into perfect sand.