When it comes to productivity, the past year and a half has thrown many people for a loop. Working from home and hybrid work has brought all kinds of new challenges — and new opportunities. (I’ve even produced several courses for LinkedIn Learning about this exact topic – check them out here.)

All this disruption is an opportunity to evaluate what’s working and what needs to change. It’s a chance to make changes that were a long time coming, and begin making more time for the things that have always brought you joy.

When it comes to finding new strategies and tools, I’ve always loved talking to the thought leaders and authors who are blazing new trails when it comes to productivity.

That’s why I started my live-streaming show Inside Scoop — to elevate the voices of experts on everything from financial productivity to WFH office design.

Here are some of my favorite episodes on productivity. Here are five episodes of Inside Scoop to catch up on:

Money-Making Productivity Tips with Jennifer Barrett

Make Sleep Your Productivity Superpower with Julie Wright

Design Your WFH Office for Productivity with Lee Wright

Making Stress Work in Your Favor with Heidi Hanna

Planning Your Farewelling with Karen Bussen

These experts are full of suggestions for creating the life you want to be living. Let’s take the lessons of the past year and put them to good use!


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