Waking up happy

Making sure your morning starts off on the right track is the key to ensuring yourself a successful day. If your morning is unorganized or not properly spent, then the rest of your day may be thrown off balance, leading to an unpleasant experience. By planning a daily routine to start off your morning every day, you will get into a rhythm that can almost guarantee you that your mind will be active and your body will be energized to take on the day ahead of you. Here are five easy suggestions for a morning routine that will help get your day started right.

1. Eating a Good Breakfast

What better way to get your day started than a nutritious breakfast? If you skip breakfast or eat an unhealthy breakfast full of processed sugars, you will have low energy and will likely crash later in the day. Eat a decently sized meal of healthy foods such as fruits and proteins. While cooking yourself is good, if you want to treat yourself, search for “breakfast near me” to find some great restaurants that serve breakfast if you are in the mood for going out in the morning. By eating a good meal, you will supply yourself with enough energy to start the day right.

2. Exercising in the Morning

Some light exercise can be great for getting ready in the morning. Shortly after you get out of bed, do some easy workouts such as yoga stretches or a quick walk around the block. It is not recommended to immediately start the day with long, heavy workouts, as this could exhaust and strain you, so do not overexert yourself and instead just make things light and easy for about ten minutes. This will get the blood and oxygen flowing and will give you enough energy to take on your day.

3. Getting Direct Sunlight

As soon as you wake up, get some sunlight into your room by opening the curtains, or even better, step outside for a few minutes and get the sun on your skin. Your body needs the Vitamin D from sunlight, and getting some sun on your skin as soon as you can will provide you with enough energy to focus. Not only will it wake you up, but it will help you sleep better at night, too, giving you a good, uninterrupted sleep/wake cycle.

4. Planning Your Day the Night Before

One of the best ways to stay focused and organized is to plan things out ahead of time. Do you have tasks you want to accomplish tomorrow? Write them out on a notepad or a white board so you know exactly what you will do after waking up. In addition, plan other aspects of your day, such as laying out what clothes you want to wear, what places you want to go to, what you want to eat, etc. Having a set schedule will keep you organized and alert, ready to accomplish the daily errands. If you have a to-do list set for when you wake up, then your morning will not lack focus.

5. Tidying Up

A clean living space does great things for your mood and your mental state. Being organized and tidy in your external life will make you organized in your brain too, as you will be able to stay clear and focused. Make sure your room, bed, kitchen, and anywhere else in your home is tidy and organized. Sometimes it is better to do these chores before going to bed so you can wake up to a fresh environment, which will motivate you to start your day in a good mood. Keep on task with your laundry and other cleaning chores to keep your mood up.

With these five simple tips, you can create a meaningful morning routine for yourself. This will keep you focused and ready to take on the rest of the day.