Five Steps to Keep Your Mind Sharp at Any Age

Forgetting things is ok, but there are ways to minimize that.

Ever felt like going to your room to fetch something and wondering what you’re looking for the minute you enter the room? Or when you can’t recall someone’s name during a conversation. You end up nudging your mind for any sort of answer. Senior moment alert! You are forgetting things but that’s okay.

We all have our fleeting brain slips, it’s completely okay to not remember mundane chores or things. You don’t have to have a superhuman brain for mere functions but having a good working brain at any age is a treat and can boost your memory and thinking skills.

With age, our brain shrinks in volume. There’s going to be a decrease in cognitive functions and even memory. But don’t worry about that! Because there are ways to stay ahead of such cognitive decline, you can reduce the risk of dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases by adopting some basic healthy habits.

Here are five ways to keep your mind sharp at any age:

  1. Exercise

You read that right! A good mind leads to a healthy body. What benefits the body, benefits the brain, and you need to physically work out as well as mentally. Regular exercise improves cognitive skills and memory. So what to do?

●     Go out for a walk. Interact with nature, let your mind inhale all the floral scents and seasonal beauty. Even better, take your pet dog out for a walk. It’s as good for your friendly canine as it is for you.

●     Do yoga. Mediate. Let your mind strip itself off any baggage. Breathe in and out and live in the moment. It will do wonders for your brain because this will increase blood flow and the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

All these activities will lead to a healthier mind and better habits.

  1. Read

Isn’t it thrilling to escape reality and wander around a new world? Reading can help in the reduction of memory loss and as well as expands your mind; you can open your mind to an unfathomable number of ideas and stories! Additionally, reading is a healthy habit, and it’s way better than aimlessly skimming through tv channels or social media.

Even learning a foreign language can boost your cognitive functioning, génial!

  1. Eat brain foods

What’s better than eating a healthy diet which does wonders for your brain and your body?  Salmon, dark chocolate, berries, and nuts are just a few of the various brain-boosting foods which are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins! By adopting a healthy diet, your mind and your body will be well nourished regardless of age.

  1. Be Creative!

Stimulate your mind by playing games, drawing, painting, and solving puzzles. Additionally, playing music or an instrument can improve memory functions! Engaging in artistic intellectual work out will keep your mind active as well as aid in an improved processing speed.

  1. Quit smoking

Let’s be real here, smoking kills. There’s a reason cigarette packages carry a warning sign. Smoking causes skin, mouth, and lung-related cancer; and aids in the risk of dementia.

One can’t reverse the course of brain diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s but these tips may strengthen your mind against age-related mental decline. Follow these simple steps and your mind will be sharp regardless of your age.